Hotpoint Dishwasher Symbols

Posted on August 31st, 2023

In this comprehensive guide, I will explain Hotpoint Dishwasher Symbols and their meaning in detail. Download or View the Hotpoint Dishwasher Manual or easily understand the settings in this article. 

From first time usage instructions to Troubleshooting problems, understand Hotpoint dishwasher programs and settings in detail.

Table of Contents : 

Let’s dive in

Hotpoint Dishwasher Symbols : 

First let me quickly illustrate the components of Hotpoint Dishwasher, then i will explain symbols:

  1. Upper Rack
  2. Foldable Flaps
  3. Upper Rack Height Adjuster
  4. Upper Spray Arm
  5. Lower Rack
  6. Cutlery Basket
  7. Lower Spray Arm
  8. Filter Assembly
  9. Salt Reservoir
  10. Detergent & Rinse Aid Dispensers
  11. Rating Plate
  12. Control Panel

Here are Hotpoint Dishwasher Control Panel Symbols ( may be slightly different in your model ): 

The above picture illustrates these symbols (match the numbers) : 

  1. On-Off 
  2. Program selection button 
  3. Zone Wash 3D button 
  4. Eco program 
  5. Keylock indicator light 
  6. Display screen 
  7. Program number and remaining time indicator 
  8. Tablet (Tab) indicator light 
  9. Closed water tap indicator light 
  10. Rinse Aid refill indicator light 
  11. Salt refill indicator light 
  12. Short Time button with indicator light / Tablet (Tab) 
  13. Delay button with indicator light 
  14. Start/Pause button with indicator light / Drain out 

Now let me explain these Hotpoint Dishwasher Symbols in detail : 

1. On-Off Button :

Press and hold this button to turn On or Turn Off your Hotpoint Dishwasher. If you press this button with the Start/Pause button, your dishwasher will reset. There is an indicator light above this button.

2. Program Selection Button : 

Press this button to select a wash program and watch the display screen to see which program is currently selected. Alternatively, some hotpoint dishwashers have buttons on the control panel for each program.

3. Zone Wash 3D : 

This option can be selected to wash one rack instead of washing all the baskets. Once a program has been selected, you select this option. See more details about Zone Wash 3D option in Options & Functions Section.

4. Eco Program Indicator Light : 

When the Eco Program is selected, this light will turn ON.

5. Keylock Indicator Light : 

When the child lock is active, this light will turn on. To activate the child lock, long press the lock button which is Zone Wash 3D button (3).

6. Display Screen : 

This is the LED display screen that displays all the active options and errors. The symbols may be different in your model. 

7.  Program Number & Remaining Time Indicator : 

The LED display shows the program number and the remaining time left to complete the program in progress. The program number can be found either on the hotpoint dishwasher control panel or list of programs in the manual. 

Each model has a different list of available programs. Check the programs in our list of programs.

8. Tablet ( Tab ) Indicator Light : 

This LED indicator light shows the Tab option is enabled. To enable this option press the Short TIme button (12).

9. Closed Water Tap Indicator Light : 

If your water tap is closed or the water intake is blocked and the hotpoint dishwasher is unable to get the water to complete the wash cycle, you will see this light. 

10. Rinse Aid Refill Indicator Light : 

When this LED light is turned on, it means your hotpoint dishwasher rinse aid needs to be refilled. Check how to refill the rinse aid in the First Time Usage guide.

11. Salt Refill Indicator Light : 

When the salt reservoir is empty and needs to be refilled, this LED light will turn on. Check how to fill the salt reservoir in the First Time Usage guide.

12. Short Time Button : 

To reduce the wash time press this button once. To activate the Tablet (Tab) option, press and hold this button for 3 seconds. Read more about the Tab option in Options and Functions section.

13. Delay Button : 

To delay the currently selected program for up to 24 hours, press this button. Read more about the Delay Option in options and functions section.

14. Start / Pause Button : 

To start the currently selected program or pause the currently running program press this button once. To stop and cancel the active wash cycle and drain the water, press and hold this button. 

First Time Usage Instructions : 

Once installed, remove the stoppers from the racks and the retaining elastic elements from the upper rack. Learn about Hotpoint Dishwasher Salt, Rinse Aid and Detergent Usage in this guide.

How To Fill The Salt Reservoir : 

The Salt is used in the dishwasher to prevent the build up of Limescale on the dishes and the dishwasher components. It is required to : 

Fill the salt reservoir when the salt refill indicator light is turned ON. The Salt reservoir is located in the lower part of the dishwasher, here is how to refill the salt reservoir step by step: 

  1. Remove the lower rack
  2. Unscrew the reservoir cap anticlockwise
  3. ( step 3 applies to first time use only) fill the salt reservoir with water
  4. Position the funnel 
  5. Fill the salt reservoir up to its edge ( approx. 1 kg ). It is alright if some water leaks out.
  6. Remove the funnel and wipe the opening.
  7. Screw the cap back and ensure it’s tight otherwise water softener could damage beyond repair due to detergent leaking into the container during the wash program.

To avoid corrosion, add the salt before the start of the wash cycle. 

How To Set Water Hardness :

Correct water hardness setting is required for water softener to work perfectly. The water available in your house should be tested for water hardness values. Obtain the correct water hardness values from local water suppliers or take a water sample to a laboratory. 

Once you have the water hardness values, here is how to set water hardness in your Hotpoint Dishwasher:

  1. Turn On hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  2. Turn Off hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  3. Hold down the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep
  4. Turn On hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  5. Salt Indicator Light and the current level selection number will flash ( see table below for level number )
  6. Press the button P to select the desired hardness level ( number 2 in symbols above )
  7. Turn Off hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button and the water hardness setting is complete

Here is the water hardness table : 

Pic table 

How To Fill The Rinse Aid Dispenser in Hotpoint Dishwasher :

The rinse aid prevents the water spots on the dishes and helps dry the dishes. When the rinse aid refill indicator light is turned ON, it’s time to refill the rinse aid.  To refill the rinse aid dispenser add the rinse aid to rinse aid dispenser A as shown in picture below : 

  1. Open the dispenser by pressing and pulling up the tab on the lid.
  2. Pour in the rinse aid (max.110 ml), and ensure it does not overflow. In case of overflow, clean the spill immediately with dry cloth.
  3. Press the lid down until you hear a click sound and the lid will close.

Note : Never pour the rinse aid directly into the dishwasher tub

How To Adjust The Rinse Aid Quantity : 

If your hotpoint dishwasher is not drying the dishes properly then you may need to adjust the dosage of rinse aid. 

  1. Turn On hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  2. Turn Off hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  3. Press the Start/Pause button 3 times until you hear a beep
  4. Turn On hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button
  5. Rinse aid Indicator Light and the current level selection number will flash
  6. Press the button P ( number 2 in symbols above ) to select the level of rinse aid quantity to be used 
  7. Turn Off hotpoint dishwasher by pressing the ON/OFF button and the rinse aid setting will complete

Here are some details about the level of rinse aid : 

Note : If the rinse aid dispenser gets empty, the low rinse aid indicator light will not turn ON.

How To Fill The Detergent Dispenser in Hotpoint Dishwasher :

Dishwashers use special detergents made for dishwashers. Here is how to fill the detergent dispenser in hotpoint dishwasher : 

  1. Open the detergent dispenser ( C in picture below )
  2. Fill the detergent in the dry dispenser ( D )
  3. Clean the edges of the dispenser for detergent residues 
  4. Close the cover until you hear a click
  5. Close the lid by pulling up

The detergent dispenser automatically opens up to add the detergent during the wash cycle. Use the Tablet button if you want to use All in one detergents as it adjusts the program accordingly. 

Note : Use of detergents not made for the dishwasher may result in malfunction or damage to the dishwasher.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Programs : 

Programs are model specific and each program has been assigned a number. That number will be different in each model. If program number 8 is “Sanitizing” in your model, maybe number 6 is “Sanitizing” in another model. 

So, I’m listing the programs here for the sake of understanding and not to use their numbers. Here are most of the programs available in hotpoint dishwashers : 

1. Eco : 

Use the Eco program in the hotpoint dishwasher for cleaning normally soiled dishes. This program is the most efficient in terms of energy and water consumption. Furthermore, it is in compliance with EU ecodesign legislation.

2. Auto Intensive : 

Use the auto intensive wash program for heavily soiled dishes and pans (Not for delicate items)

3. Auto Mixed or Auto Normal : 

Use auto mixed for washing normally soiled dishes and pans

4. Auto Fast :

Use the auto fast wash program to wash a limited quantity of normally soiled daily dishes in a shorter time with optimal results.

5. Rapid 30 or Express 30 :

Use the Rapid 30 program for half-load of lightly soiled dishes with no dried food residues. This program does not dry the dishes at the end.

6. Duo Wash :

In this wash program the wash system will spread on the two racks. Load the delicate items on the upper rack and heavy duty items or pans on the lower rack.

7. Delicate :

Use the Delicate wash program for washing the delicate items that are sensitive to high temperatures.

8. Sanitizing :

Use the Sanitizing wash program to wash normal or heavily soiled crockery and feeding bottles.  The program includes high temperature antibacterial wash to disinfect the crockery and bottles. Furthermore, use Sanitizing program for self cleaning of the hotpoint dishwasher. 

9. Soak :

Use Soak to refresh the crockery which is planned to be washed later. The program does a pre-wash while waiting for more dishes to complete the load.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Options & Functions :

In newer models of Hotpoint Dishwasher, there are many options and extra functions are available which can be selected on the dishwasher control panel. Here are some of the Hotpoint Dishwasher Functions : 

Zone Wash 3D : 

In order to wash only 1 rack at once and leave the other rack unwashed, older models used programs like Duo Wash. However, newer models have this as a Zone Wash 3D function which allows you to wash one of the lower or upper racks.

This option saves energy and increases the washing performance by using the 3D water jets placed at the bottom. It is recommended to use it with Mixed and Intensive Programs. 

To Activate Zone Wash 3D Function : 

  1. Select a compatible program (Auto Mixed or Auto Intensive) 
  2. Press Zone Wash 3D button (3 in symbols above) multiple times until you select the correct rack 

Here are the options available on the display when you press Zone Wash 3D button 

Note : 

Child Lock (Keylock) :

To activate the child lock in Hotpoint Dishwasher, press and hold the Zone Wash 3D button for 3 seconds. This will prevent any change of input in the control panel as it locks the control panel except the On/Off button. To remove the lock, press and hold the Zone Wash 3D button again.

Water Tap Closed (Alarm) :

When Hotpoint Dishwasher is unable to get water because the water tap is closed or there is a blockage in water inlet, then Water Tap Closed LED will flash on the control panel

Short Time :

To reduce the duration of the wash programs without compromising the washing and drying performance, use Short Time Option. Once you have selected a wash program, then press the Short Time button to enable this function and the Short Time LED will turn ON. To deactivate this option, press the Short Time button again.

Tablet (Tab) :

If you are using the combined detergents in a tablet form (rinse aid, salt and detergent in 1 dose) then use this option. It will optimise the performance of the wash programs according to combined detergents.

To activate the Tablet option, press and hold the Short Time button for 3 seconds until you see a Tablet indicator light turned ON (number 8 in symbols above).

Note : Do not use Tablet option when using powder or liquid detergent

Delay :

To delay the wash program up to 24 hours, use the Delay Option. In older models of Hotpoint Dishwasher, this option came as a wash program. Here is how to delay a wash program in hotpoint dishwasher : 

  1. Select the wash program and any desired options, then press the Delay button repeatedly to delay the wash cycle and set the delay time. Each press will increase the delay time progressively starting 00:30. Once 24 hours are set, another press will deactivate the option.
  2. Press the Start/Pause button, Delay LED will turn ON and the timer will begin counting down
  3. Once this time has elapsed, the LED will turn off and the wash program will start automatically.

Note : During Countdown, if you press the Start/Pause button, then the Delay option will deactivate and the wash program will start immediately. Furthermore, the Delay option can not be set once a program is started.

Drain Out :

Use the Drain Out function to stop and cancel the active wash cycle. Press and hold the Start/Pause button to activate the Drain Out function. The active program will stop and the water in the dishwasher will be drained out.

Active Dry :

The Active Dry is a convection drying system that automatically opens the door during/after drying phase to ensure exceptional drying performance everyday. In this system, the door opens at the temperature that is safe for your kitchen furniture. So, the door will not open when using the Short Time Option.

To Disable the Active Dry Function : 

  1. Switch ON using the ON/OFF button
  2. Switch OFF using the ON/OFF button
  3. Press the P button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound
  4. Switch On the dishwasher, the control panel display will show oOFF

To re-enable this function, repeat the above steps and you will see oON on the display.

Note : If an Option or Function is not compatible with the selected wash program, then the corresponding LED will flash thrice with a beep sound and the option will not be activated.

How To Use Hotpoint Dishwasher : 

Here is a simple step by step process to use the Hotpoint Dishwasher : 

  1. Check Water Connection and ensure the tap is open
  2. Switch On the Dishwasher using the ON/OFF button
  3. Load The Racks
  4. Fill the detergent dispenser
  5. Choose the programs using P and select options if needed.
  6. Press the Start/Pause button to Start 
  7. END of wash cycle, you will hear beeps and display shows End
  8. Turn OFF the Dishwasher using the ON/OFF button
  9. Wait a few minutes before unloading the crockery to avoid burns, unload the lower racks first.

Note : 

How To Modify The Running Program : 

If a wrong program was selected, it is possible to change it, only if it has just begun. Here is how to modify the currently running program : 

  1. Press and hold the ON/OFF button to switch OFF
  2. Switch On using the ON/OFF button
  3. Select the new wash program and options
  4. Start the program using the Start/Pause button

How To Add More Dishes During The Program :

To add more crockery while a program is running:

  1. Open the door without switching the Dishwasher OFF but beware of Hot Steam!
  2. Load the crockery
  3. Close the door
  4. Press the Start/Pause button to start the cycle from where it was interrupted.

Accidental Interruptions : 

If the currently running program is accidentally interrupted due to loss of power or the door was opened, then the program will stop. When the door is closed back or electricity is back, press the start/pause button to start the program from where it was interrupted.

How To Disable The Demo Mode : 

Perform the following actions in sequence without breaks to disable the demo mode. 

  1. Switch dishwasher ON then Switch it OFF
  2. Press the Delay button until a buzzer is heard
  3. Switch the dishwasher ON again
  4. The “dOF” indicator will flash and then turns off

How To Load Hotpoint Dishwasher : 

Proper loading of the racks will ensure maximum performance and energy saving, So here are some guidelines

Loading The Upper Rack :

In the upper rack of the hotpoint dishwasher, load delicate and light dishes that are glasses, cups, saucers, and low salad bowls etc. 

Adjusting The Height Of Upper Rack: 

The height of the upper rack can be easily adjusted into high or low position using the height adjuster. Use the high position to place bulky crockery in the lower basket.

Similarly use the low position to make the most of the tip-up supports by creating more space upwards and avoid collision with the items loaded into the lower rack. Here is how to adjust the height of the upper rack:

Loading Foldable Flaps With Adjustable Position : 

The foldable flaps on the side are foldable to optimise the arrangement of the crockery inside the rack. The procedure to fold and unfold varies depending on the model.

Loading The Sliding Tray : 

The upper rack has a sliding tray to hold small crockery and cutlery. Avoid positioning bulky crockery directly below the sliding tray to ensure optimal performance. The sliding tray can be removed from the upper rack.

Loading The Lower Rack : 

In the lower rack of the hotpoint dishwasher, load the pots, lids, plates, salad bowls, and cutlery etc. Place the large plates and lids at the sides to avoid interferences with the spray arm. 

The lower rack has tip-up supports that are usable in two positions, vertical position to load plates and horizontal position to load pans and bowls.

Loading The Cutlery Basket : 

In the cutlery basket of the hotpoint dishwasher, load knives and other utensils with sharp edges vertically with points facing downward. Cutlery can also be loaded horizontally in the tip-up compartments in the upper rack.

Loading For Zone Wash 3D : 

Zone Wash 3D is an option available in hotpoint dishwasher which allows you to load and wash only one rack. The option uses additional water jets located in the upper and lower part of the dishwasher. 

This option also increases the performance to wash heavily soiled dishes by increasing water coverage on the dishes. Load pots and casseroles facing the lower part of Zone Wash 3D components and activate the Zone Wash 3D option on the panel.

Tips To Save Energy :

The dishwasher uses less energy and water as compared to washing dishes by hand, given that you follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Here are some tips to save energy while dishwashing : 

Crockery Not Suitable For Dishwasher : 

Most tableware is safe to wash in the dishwasher but however avoid the following items : 

Hotpoint Dishwasher Care & Maintenance Guide 

Run a high temperature at least once a month to avoid odour and sediment. Use a teaspoon of detergent and run the program without dishes.

How To Clean The Hotpoint Dishwasher Filter: 

Clean the filter assembly regularly once per month or after each 30 cycles to prevent the filter blockages and to ensure proper drainage of wastewater. The filter assembly in the hotpoint dishwasher consists of three filters. 

Operating the dishwasher with obstructed filters or foreign objects within the filtration system or spray arms can lead to dishwasher malfunctions, resulting in decreased performance, noisy operation, or increased resource consumption.

Warning: The dishwasher should not be used without filters or with loose filters

Here is how to clean the Hotpoint Dishwasher Filters : 

  1. Turn the cylindrical filter A in an anti-clockwise direction and pull it out (Fig 1). 
  2. Remove the cup filter B by applying a slight pressure on the side flaps (Fig 2). 
  3. Slide out the stainless-steel plate filter C (Fig 3) 
  4. Clean the filters under running water
  5. Remove foreign objects carefully (such as broken glass, porcelain, bones, fruit seeds etc.) 
  6. Inspect the trap and remove any food residues. NEVER REMOVE the wash-cycle pump protection (black detail) (Fig 4).
  7. After cleaning, replace and fix the filters in position

How To Clean The Spray Arms : 

Over time food residues may become encrusted on the sprays arms and block the holes that are used to spray water. So, check the spray arms from time to time and clean them with a non-metallic brush.

How To Clean The Water Intake Hose : 

If the water intake hoses are new or have not been used in a long time, let the water run to ensure it is free of impurities before attaching a connection. 

Water Softening System : 

Water softener automatically reduces water hardness which prevents scale buildup on heater and improves cleaning efficiency. This water softening system regenerates itself with salt, so refill the salt container when it is empty.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Troubleshooting Problems 

If your hotpoint dishwasher has problems, try to solve them by going through this list or you can ask in the comments. If you are unable to solve a problem, contact Hotpoint after sales service, their contact details can be found on the warranty booklet.

Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Hotpoint Dishwasher Beeping : 

If you are trying to select an option and the dishwasher is beeping, that means the option is not compatible with the selected program. The corresponding LED will flash 3 times and the option will not be enabled.

Solution: Change the program or select some other options

Salt indicator Light is ON

Salt reservoir is empty and needs to be filled with dishwasher salt. After refill it may remain on for many wash cycles.

Rinse Aid Indicator Light is ON

The rinse aid dispenser is empty and needs to be refilled. Sometimes, indicator light may remain light for several wash cycles.

The Dishwasher Won’t Start OR Not Responding

If your hotpoint dishwasher does not start or not responding then check and follow one of the guidelines below.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Start/Pause LEDs are flashing and Beeping

If your hotpoint dishwasher is not responding and both Start/Pause and On/Off LEDs are flashing and the display shows F9 or F12, here is how to solve

  1. Switch the dishwasher off or unplug
  2. Switch back on or plug in after a minute
  3. Restart the program

The dishwasher won’t drain. Display shows: F3 and both On/Off and START/Pause LEDs are blinking rapidly.

Here are the possible reasons and solutions to the F3 Error in Hotpoint Dishwasher:

The dishwasher makes excessive noise:

If you hear an excessive noise in your dishwasher then it means the dishes are rattling against each other and you need to arrange it correctly or an excessive amount of foam is produced. 

Excess foam means the detergent was extra or it is not suitable for dishwasher. Restart the dishwasher by pressing the drain button and run a new program without detergent.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Not Cleaning The Dishes : 

If your hotpoint dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly then here are some causes and their solutions : 

The dishwasher does not fill the water. Display shows F6, both On/Off and START/Pause LEDs are blinking rapidly

If your hotpoint dishwasher is unable to get water, ensure the water tap is open and the inlet hose is not bent.

Dishwasher finishes the cycle prematurely. Display shows: F15

If your hotpoint dishwasher shows F15 error and both On/Off and Start/Pause LEDs are flashing then here are some reasons:

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