Smeg Dishwasher Manual

Posted on August 14th, 2023

Explore the ultimate guide to operating your Smeg Dishwasher with our comprehensive article. From installation tips to step-by-step usage instructions, explore the various programs and symbols to make the most of your appliance.  

Plus, troubleshoot with ease using our handy tips that cover all your questions. Read the simplified article or download the original PDF manual.

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Table of Contents : 

Let’s dive in..

Installation Instructions : 

Precautions : 

Loading Dishes : 

Electrical Precautions : 

Repair & Maintenance  : 

After Installation : 

Immediately after the installation, perform a quick test to make sure it is working. If there are problems, call the nearest technical service centre and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR. 

Models with AQUATOP Device : 

Installation : 

  1. Remove Packaging
  2. Position in the desired place of installation, the back and sides of the dishwasher can be placed against wall or furniture.
  3. If dishwasher is installed near a heat source, add proper insulation
  4. Install integrated or built-under dishwashers only under continuous worktops and screw them to the adjacent units to ensure stability.
  5. The intake and drain hoses can be positioned in any direction, but make sure they are not kinked, crushed or pulled too tightly.
  6. Tight the ring-nut once pipe have been placed
  7. A hole of at least 8 cm is required for power supply and the pipes to pass.
  8. Before putting the dishwasher in its definite position, turn the water tap on and check for the leaks.
  9. Stabilise the dishwasher using its adjustable feet ( in some models, single foot )

Water Supply Connection : 

To prevent the risk of clogging and damage, always use the new hoses and check the pipe for algae and other impurities. If the water pipe is not in use, run the water to make sure water flows freely.

Smeg Dishwasher Water Supply Connection

How to Connect Water Supply : 

  1. Get a ¾ gas pipe
  2. Find filter A within the dishwasher package.
  3. Connect the intake hose to a cold water supply using a ¾ gas pipe and insert filter A in the pipe. 
  4. Screw the hose with your hands and tight ¼ of a turn with pliers.
  5. In the dishwasher with AQUASTOP device, a filter is already fitted inside the threaded ring.
  6. Connect to a hot water supply not exceeding 60°C (optional)
  7. Hot water supply will reduce washing time by approx. 20 minutes but may reduce the effectiveness.
  8. Follow the same procedure to connect hot water supply as done for cold water supply.

How to Connect Drain : 

Smeg Dishwasher Drain Hose Connection

Smeg Dishwasher Symbols Meaning : 

All the controls of the smeg dishwasher are grouped on the upper control panel. The procedures for switch-on, programming, switch-off, etc., can only be performed when the door is open.

Smeg Dishwasher Symbols Meaning

Here are Smeg Dishwasher Symbols and their meaning : 

  1. On / OFF button : Used To Turn ON or Turn OFF Smeg Dishwasher
  2. Selected Program Indicator Lights : Shows the selected program  or the program currently running and the fault troubleshooting.
  3. Program Selection Button : Use to select the washing program and adjust the water softening system.
  4. Rinse Aid Warning Light : This light means that the tank’s rinse aid level is low.
  5. Quick Time Option : Use this button to select one of the Quick Time Programs.
  6. Quick Time Option Light : This light shows one of the Quick Time program is running.
  7. Program Delay Button : Use to delay the program action.
  8. Delayed Start Lights : The illuminated light shows the delay start time of 3,6 or 9 hours has been set. 

Note : The symbols and form of lights may be different in your model

Let me explain some of the above mentioned features in detail  : 

Quick Time Option : 

The Quick Time option will reduce the time it takes to wash the dishes. To activate, press the Quick Time Button after selecting the regular program.

Program Delay Option :

The Program Delay Option in Smeg Dishwasher will let you delay the wash cycle for 3, 6 or 9 hours. 

Note : The program delay option can not be activated once the wash cycle has started.

How To Use Smeg Dishwasher : 

Once your Smeg dishwasher is properly installed and ready to use, here is a quick overview  about how to operate Smeg Dishwasher : 

  1. Add the rinse aid and detergent
  2. Load the Dishwasher basket correctly
  3. Make sure the spray arms are able to rotate freely and without obstruction.
  4. Close the dishwasher door
  5. Open the Water Tap
  6. Make Sure the correct amount of detergent has been added to the dispenser
  7. Read the Programs Table to identify the most suitable program to Run 
  8. Press the ON / OFF button to Start or Run the Smeg Dishwasher (1)
  9. Wait for the Program indicator light to turn ON. (2)
  10. Press the Program Selection button several times until the indicator light of the desired program illuminates.(3)
  11. Press the Quick Time Program button to shorten the wash cycle (5)(optional)
  12. Select Program Delay ( optional ) 
  13. Select more options ( if your model provides extra options )
  14. Close the dishwasher door
  15. After a small delay, Smeg Dishwasher will start to run and the program indicator light of the currently selected program will blink. (2)

Note : Add the required amount of detergent in the detergent dispenser before each washing cycle except the Soak Program. Add the rinse aid into its dispenser only when required.

How To Add Or Adjust The Rinse Aid Dispenser : 

The rinse aid helps the dishes dry faster and prevents the formation of white marks ( scale deposits ) and stains, it is automatically added to the water during the last rinse. The rinse aid dispenser is located on the inner right part of the dishwasher door.

How to add rinse aid in Smeg dishwasher rinse aid dispenser

Here is how to add the rinse aid step by step : 

  1. Open the dishwasher door
  2. Rotate the Rinse Aid dispenser cap anticlockwise by ¼ of a turn and remove it.
  3. Add the rinse aid until the container is full ( around 140 cc ). Optical level indicator on the side of the cap shall be covered.
  4. Refill the rinse aid when the optical level indicator becomes clear again or the rinse aid warning light illuminates.
  5. Close the cap by turning clockwise
  6. Use a cloth to collect any spillage of rinse aid as it will form an excess foaming.

The dishwasher comes with a default setting for moderate water hardness. However, you can change the rinse aid dispenser setting by turning the dispenser’s selector to the desired position to adjust the amount of rinse aid dispensed.

Here is how to adjust the rinse aid dispenser : 

Note : Increase the amount of rinse aid if the washed dishes appear dull or they have circular stains. On the other hand, Reduce the amount of rinse aid if the dishes are sticky or they have white streaks.

How To Add The Detergent : 

The detergent dispenser is located on the inner left part of the dishwasher door which opens up automatically during the wash cycle.

Important Notes : 

Which Detergent To Use ?

There are many types of detergents available in the market, use phosphate and chlorine free detergents to protect the environment. 

Warning : Adding detergent into the rinse aid dispenser will damage the dishwasher even if it is in the liquid form.

How to Cancel the Currently Running Program : 

  1. To cancel the selected program, open the dishwasher door
  2. Hold down the program selection button (3) for a few seconds until the indicator lights for programs 4 & 5 turn on simultaneously. ( marked “END”)
  3. Close the Door
  4. After about 1 minute, the Smeg dishwasher will end the cycle
How to cancel smeg dishwasher program

How to Change the Currently Running Program : 

To change the currently running program, just open the dishwasher door and select a new program. The dishwasher will start the new program when you close the door.

Opening the Dishwasher Door while Program is in Progress :  

The program will interrupt, relative light will flash and the beeper will start showing the program is not completed.

How To Turn Off Smeg Dishwasher :

When the wash program ends, the beeper sounds briefly and indicator lights of program 4,5 will flash ( marked END). To switch off the smeg dishwasher, open the door and press the ON/OFF button(1). 

Smeg Dishwasher Program End lights Flashing

Smeg Dishwasher Standby State : 

To save energy, the Smeg dishwasher enters standby mode when it’s idle for 5 minutes after completing the washing cycle. This also happens when it is stopped or the wash program is set but not started for its washing cycle.

Removing The Dishes : 

When the Smeg dishwasher finishes washing, wait at least 20 minutes before removing the dishes in order to let them cool before removal. Empty the bottom basket first to avoid the water dripping from the top basket.

How To Load The Dishes in Smeg Dishwasher : 

Proper loading of dishes will ensure good washing results and the safety of your dishes. Before loading the dishes : 

Warning : 

How To Load The Lower Basket : 

How to load smeg dishwasher lower basket

Here is how to properly load the lower basket : 

How to load the smeg dishwasher lower basket

Bottom Basket Inserts : 

Some models have the lower basket inserts to improve the drying of the dishes. Find them in the accessories bag and fit them in the lower basket as shown in the picture.

Smeg Dishwasher Bottom Basket inserts

The Cutlery Basket : 

Smeg Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

The Top Cutlery Basket : 

Smeg Dishwasher top cutlery basket

How To Load The Upper Basket : 

Load the upper basket of Smeg Dishwasher with small or medium size items such as glasses, small plates, tea or coffee cups, shallow bowls and light objects made from heat resistant plastic. 

How to Load Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket

Here are some model specific accessories, your dishwasher basket may have some or all of them : 

How To Adjust The Upper Basket : 

The height of the top basket can be adjusted to allow large dishes or pans to be loaded in the lower basket. The adjustment can be done in two or three positions depending on your model.

Type A Adjustment : Pull-out in Two Positions

Type B Adjustment : Three Positions on Both Sides

Things Not To Put In The Dishwasher : 

Here is a list of items that are not dishwasher safe, so avoid loading them in the dishwasher : 

Smeg Dishwasher Programs : 

Here are the Smeg Dishwasher Programs with their key features : 

Rapid 27 : 

Normal Eco : 

Eco : 

Intensive : 

Ultra Clean : 

Smeg Dishwasher Programs

Note : 

Smeg Dishwasher Quick Time Programs : 

Here are the Smeg Dishwasher Quick Time Programs with their key features :

Soak 27 : 

Delicate Quick : 

Eco Quick : 

Normal Quick : 

Strong & Fast : 

Smeg Dishwasher Quick Programs

Tips To Save Energy & The Environment : 

Here are some tips to save electric bills, reduce the cost of running dishwasher and protect the environment : 

Tips To Reduce Detergent Consumption & Protect The Environment : 

The dishwasher detergents contain phosphates that are harmful to the environment. To protect the environment and save electric bills here are some tips : 

How To Clean Smeg Dishwasher : 

Cleaning the Smeg dishwasher is simple and easy, here is how to clean the Smeg Dishwasher :

Warning : Before cleaning, service or maintenance, unplug the dishwasher from the electric connection!!

How To Clean Smeg Dishwasher Filter : 

Inspect the Smeg Dishwasher filter periodically and clean if necessary, here is how to clean the Smeg Dishwasher Filter : 

  1. Find the filter unit located at the bottom centre of the dishwasher. 
  2. Grip the tabs and turn them anticlockwise 
  3. Push the centre filter from underneath to take it out of the micro filter
  4. Press the filter’s body to separate the two plastic parts
  5. Remove the filter by lifting upwards
  6. Clean the filter under running water using a stiff brush
  7. Carefully replace the filter 

Explanation of the above diagram : 

C : Location of the centre filter

D : Push from underneath to take out and remove the filter

Cleaning The Water Intake Filter : 

The water intake filter which is located at the water supply outlet needs to be cleaned periodically. Clean the water intake filter like this : 

  1. Close the water supply tap
  2. Unscrew the end of the water intake hose
  3. Remove the filter A ( check picture )
  4. Clean the filter delicately under running water
  5. Reassemble the filter in its seat
  6. Screw the water intake hose back into position 
Smeg Dishwasher Water Supply Connection

Clean The Spray Arms : 

The spray arms can easily be removed for the periodic cleaning of the nozzles to avoid clogging. Here is how to clean the spray arms : 

  1. Remove the spray arms 
  2. Wash the spray arms under running water.
  3. Put them back carefully in their places.
  4. Make sure their spinning movement is not blocked.
How to clean smeg dishwasher spray arms

To remove the spray arms : 

  1. Unscrew the locking ring for removing the upper arm
  2. Lift and pull the central part of the lower spray arm to remove it.

To take off the orbital spray arm assembly : 

  1. Grab the longer arm and pull the orbital unit up.
  2. Clean the arms with running water.
  3. Put the arms back in place carefully.
  4. After putting them back, ensure the spray arms can rotate without any issues.
  5. If they don’t turn properly, make sure they are correctly installed.

Prolonged Disuse : 

If you are not going to use your dishwasher for a couple of weeks. Do this before the disuse : 

  1. Run the soak program two times in a row.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the socket.
  3. Keep the door slightly open to stop bad smells in the washing tank.
  4. Put rinse aid in the dispenser.
  5. Close the water supply tap.

Check Before Starting the Dishwasher after a prolonged disuse : 

  1. Look for any sludge or rust buildup in the water pipe; if you see any, let the water run from the tap for a while.
  2. Put the power cord back into the socket.
  3. Connect the water intake hose again and turn on the tap.

Smeg Dishwasher Error Codes ( Flashing Lights ) :  

The dishwasher can communicate various faults by flashing multiple indicator end lights to show the beep codes at the same time, each representing the following interpretations in troubleshooting manual :

E1 Error Acquastop failure : 

The E1 or E01 fault code means there is a water leak in the base of the machine. The Smeg dishwasher system will be tripped as the anti flooding system has been activated ( if your model has anti flooding ). The error arises when the floater switch of the anti flooding system remains closed by the water in the tray.

Smeg Dishwasher Error E1

E2 Error Safety Level : 

The E2 or E02 error code means the system that limits the water level inside the Smeg dishwasher has been tripped to prevent the overflow. Resolve the E02 error by following these tips : 

  1. Interrupt the program and Switch OFF the dishwasher
  2. Turn the Dishwasher back ON
  3. Program it again
  4. Start the washing cycle
  5. Contact After Sales Service
Smeg Dishwasher Error E2 flash lights

E3 Error Water Heating Malfunction :

The E3 or E03 error code means the Smeg dishwasher is unable to heat the water or heating parameters are incorrect. To resolve this error, repeat the washing program.

Smeg Dishwasher Error E3

E4 Water Temperature Monitoring Malfunction : 

The E4 or E04 error in Smeg Dishwasher means there is a problem in reading the water thermostat. Resolve the E04 error by following these tips : 

  1. Interrupt the program and Switch OFF the dishwasher
  2. Turn the Dishwasher back ON
  3. Program it again
  4. Start the washing cycle
  5. Contact After Sales Service
Smeg Dishwasher Error E4

E5 Error Water Intake Malfunction :

The E5 or E05 error means the Smeg dishwasher is unable to get water or the water intake is not enough.  Perform these checks in case of E5 error : 

Smeg Dishwasher Error E5

E6 Error Water Pump Malfunction :

The E6 or E06 error means the Smeg dishwasher is unable to pump out water or have not done so correctly. Check the following things to resolve e5 error : 

Smeg Dishwasher Error E7

E7 Error Turbine Flow Regulator Malfunction :

The E7 or E07 error means the Smeg Dishwasher ( some models ) is unable to measure the amount of water loaded accurately.  Resolve the E07 error by following these tips : 

  1. Interrupt the program and Switch OFF the dishwasher
  2. Turn the Dishwasher back ON
  3. Program it again
  4. Start the washing cycle
  5. Contact After Sales Service
Smeg Dishwasher Error E7

E8 Error Alternate Washing System Malfunction :

The E8 or E08 error means the alternating valve is not working correctly in your Smeg Dishwasher. The alternate valve is located under the tub near the wash pump. To resolve this error follow these steps : 

  1. Interrupt the program and Switch OFF the dishwasher
  2. Turn the Dishwasher back ON
  3. Program it again
  4. Start the washing cycle
  5. Contact After Sales Service to replace the valve
Smeg Dishwasher Error E8

E9 Error Water Intake System Malfunction :

The E9 or E09 error in Smeg Dishwasher means the water in the water tank is overfilled and max level of water has been exceeded. The problem can only be resolved by repair of the pressure switch or the flow metre. Contact after sales service or a professional technician.

Smeg Dishwasher Error E9

Notes about Error Codes : 

How To Reset The Error Code Alarm ? 

To reset the Smeg Dishwasher alarm, Open and close the door, or turn Off and On. Hopefully, you will be able to program the dishwasher again.

Smeg Dishwasher Troubleshooting Manual ( FAQs ) : 

Here are some common problems that you can troubleshoot and fix : 

Smeg Dishwasher Not Starting : 

If Smeg dishwasher program fails to start, check the following to fix the problem : 

Smeg Dishwasher Not Draining : 

If your Smeg Dishwasher won’t drain, check the following : 

Smeg Dishwasher Red Light ( Snowflake or Sun ) : 

The red light that looks like a Snowflake symbol ( also Sun or Star symbol ) appears when you need to refill the rinse aid dispenser. Just fill up the rinse aid dispenser and the light will go away. 

Smeg Dishwasher Not Working : 

If your Smeg dishwasher is not working or fails to start the program, check the following to fix the problem : 

Smeg Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes : 

If your Smeg dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly then check the following issue to fix the problem : 

How To Start (Turn ON) Smeg Dishwasher : 

Perform the following steps to start and run your Smeg Dishwasher : 

  1. Ensure it is properly installed
  2. Connect Electric Power Supply
  3. Turn On using the Power ON/OFF button located on the control panel
  4. Load the dishes and detergent
  5. Select the wash program
  6. Close the dishwasher door 

Read How To Use Section for more details.

Dishes Fails To Dry or Stay Dull : 

If your Smeg dishwasher fails to dry the dishes or the dishes remain dull after washing then check the following : 

Dishes Show Stains or Streaking : 

If dishes show signs of stains or streaking in your Smeg dishwasher then check the rinse aid setting is not too high.

Rust Inside Smeg Dishwasher Tank : 

If your Smeg dishwasher show the visible traces of rust inside the tank then the reason may be one of the following : 

Smeg Dishwasher Door Not Closing : 

If your Smeg Dishwasher door won’t close then there may be a problem with a door latch or hinges. Inspect the hinges, if they are loose then tight them. The door latch may need to be replaced. 

Smeg Dishwasher Pump Keeps Running : 

If your dishwasher pump keeps running continuously then it may have one of the following problems : 

How To Reset Smeg Dishwasher : 

If your Smeg dishwasher have control problems, here is how to reset : 

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