Ac Companies in Pakistan

Posted on October 14th, 2022

This is a list of Ac Companies in Pakistan during 2022 and the basic information regarding these Air Conditioning brands. Chinese brands control most of the market share, even though there are more than 20 Ac brands in Pakistan.

Note : This is not the review of these Ac Brands, Click on the brand name to jump into it’s details below.

Here is a list of Ac Companies in Pakistan :

  1. Haier
  2. Dawlance
  3. Gree
  4. PEL
  5. Daikin
  6. Orient 
  7. Homage
  8. Hisense
  9. TCL
  10. Changhong
  11. Panasonic
  12. LG
  13. Mitsubishi
  14. Kenwood
  15. Samsung
  16. Whirlpool
  17. Electrolux
  18. Toshiba
  19. General
  20. EcoStar

Let’s jump into details about these Ac brands :

Haier Pakistan :

Haier Pakistan is a subsidiary of Chinese multinational group Haier. It is one of the largest companies in Pakistan’s Consumer electronics and home appliances market. The company ranked #1 in Global Major Appliances brand by Euromonitor international. The company regularly participate in charity events and solutions towards climate change. Read Haier news.

Haier is a a leader in home-appliances market in Pakistan with market share of 32%. Haier is also the most popular brand in air conditioning segment in Pakistan. However, their after sale customer service is not that great. Read more on wikipedia.


Dawlance Pakistan :

Dawlance is a Pakistani home appliances brand which is a subsidiary of Turkish company Arçelik. Even though Dawlance is the most popular brand in many home appliances in Pakistan, but their market share in Air Conditioners is around 4%.  Their prices are relatively cheaper and Dawlance have a good overall brand reputation in Pakistan.

Dawlance is a leading brand in Washing Machines and refrigerators market in Pakistan. However, their air conditioners are not that popular but their Customer service is best.

The company frequently contributes towards charity and recently they planted 10,000 trees in Pakistan. As per the global market-research conducted by IPSOS, Dawlance is the #1 electronics brand of home-appliances in Pakistan. The company also earned Gold Effie Award for its customer service. Read more.

Gree Electric Appliances Inc :

Gree is a Chinese manufacturer of Air Conditioners and it the the World’s largest residential air conditioner manufacturer. Gree makes household and commercial air conditioning units. In Pakistan, Gree has around 22% market share and Dwphome is the official distributor in Pakistan.

Gree Air Conditioners are popular for their reliability, features and energy efficiency. In fact, i’m also using Gree Air Conditioners in my house. Their prices are relatively higher than other brands but their reliability covers that.

I did some research about Gree vs Haier Ac and Gree was the winner in terms of reliability, performance and energy saving. To find these answers i checked discussions on many forums online and asked from a friend who works at the biggest electronic store in my city.



Pel electronics is the oldest electronic brand in Pakistan established in 1956. Their market share in Air Conditioners is around 6% but they are distributor of many other international brands in Pakistan. The company started manufacturing air conditioners in 1981 with the collaboration of Fujitsu Japan.

In 1997, Pel acquired the latest technology to produce Window Ac by Carrier USA. Read more about PEL electronics here.

Daikin :

Daikin is a Japanese multinational company that is a pioneer Air Conditioning Company and inventor of many Air Conditioning systems and technologies, including split Ac and VRV. In Pakistan, MIA-Corporation and Humak Engineering are the distributor of the company.


Orient Electronics :

Orient electronics is a growing home-appliances brand in Pakistan with a market share of 16% in Air Conditioning Segment. The company claims to be producing state of the art technology in their appliances. Furthermore, their Air Conditioners are relatively cheaper.


Homage :

Established in 2007, homage is a very popular local brand in Pakistan for Solar Panels, UPS, and batteries. The company is popular for it’s best quality products in Pakistan. Homage also makes reliable Air Conditioners but their market share is very low.

Hisense :

Hisense is a Chinese major appliances and electronics manufacturer. Recently they started their manufacturing in Pakistan with collaboration of Tri-Angels electronics Pakistan. Hisense Pakistan is operated by Tri-Angels electronics.



TCL is a Chinese electronics company and it is world’s 25th largest Consumer electronics producer. While they don’t manufacture Air Conditioners in Pakistan but they have a distribution network in Pakistan.


Changhong :

Changhong is a Chinese consumer electronics brand distributing their Air Conditioners and other electronics in Pakistan through Ruba Group. In Pakistan the company operates with the name of Changhong Ruba.

Panasonic :

Panasonic is a Japanese home-appliances brand with great popularity worldwide. Panasonic Pakistan is run by PEL Pakistan and their products will be distributed in Pakistan through PEL.

LG Electronics :

LG is a South Korean electronics company which is very popular worldwide. However, LG market share in Pakistan is very small and competing Chinese brands gaining over the market. Furthermore, there is not official distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Pakistan.


Mitsubishi :

Mitsubishi is a Japanese electronics and home-appliances company and produce world’s best air conditioners. As compared to Panasonic their Air Conditioners are nearly the same price but have better performance. Read more.


Kenwood :

Kenwood is also a Japanese consumer electronics brand and they have a distributor Kenwood Pakistan. Their Air Conditioners are reliable and cheaper.

Kenwood Air Conditioners have a small portion of market share in Pakistan.

Samsung :

Samsung electronics is a South Korean brand and very popular for their mobile phones in Pakistan. The company needs no introduction as most people know about the brand in Pakistan.

Samsung Air Conditioners are also available in the market, however they are not very popular among Pakistani consumers.


Whirlpool :

Whirlpool is an American home-appliances manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company. The company is the world’s largest home-appliance brand. Their is no official distributor of Whirlpool products in Pakistan.


Electrolux :

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational home appliances company which consistently ranks World’s 2nd largest home appliances manufacturer in terms of sales while Whirlpool stands 1st.

There is no official distributor in Pakistan but you can find Electrolux Air Conditioners in Pakistani Market.


Toshiba :

Toshiba is a multinational company with diverse range of products including home-appliances. There is no official distributor in Pakistan but you can find Toshiba Air Conditioners in the market.

Fujitsu General :

General Air Conditioners is a Japanese multinational brand. Their Air Conditioners are available in Pakistani market but there is no official distributor.


EcoStar :

You can find EcoStar Air Conditioners in Pakistani market which are distributed by Dwphome, the same company who distributes Gree Ac in Pakistan. There is not much information available about the brand.


This was a list of Ac Brands in Pakistan, if i forgot a brand to include or made any error. Kindly, correct me in the comments !


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