Best AC Temperature for Sleeping

Posted on February 5th, 2023

Do you live in a hot humid area and have trouble falling asleep? In this article you will find out the best AC temperature for Good Quality Sleep, benefits and risks involved and Best Sleep Tips.


Extreme heat, city noise and humidity can keep you tossing and turning for hours, leaving you exhausted the next day. Poor sleep is the main cause of many health issues and keeps you tired.

The ideal Ac temperature for good quality sleep is around 65°F (18.3°C). However, this may differ between individuals and they will find their ideal temperature between 60°F to 67°F (15.6°C to 19.4°C).
Best Ac temperature for sleep

In this article, i will discuss the best Ac temperature for sleeping, how it affects the sleep and tips to improve it.

Let me explain in detail :

Why Sleep Quality Matters..?

The deep Good Quality Sleep will improve mental health, mood as well as physical health. It is necessary for your body’s auto repair functions to work properly.

Whereas not getting enough good quality sleep is a risk for your mental and physical health. There are many health risks involved including heart diseases, obesity and depression. Furthermore, you need enough good quality sleep regularly to keep your body working well.

Good sleep does not mean the hours you spend in bed

In a busy world of today, people suffer depression, tiredness and other health issues because they don’t rest well after tiresome daily routine.


Why Room Temperature is important for Sleep..?

Room temperature and other hygiene habits can significantly affect your sleep quality. A room which is too hot or too cold will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. A cold room is relatively better than a hot room for Sleeping. Furthermore, you will wake up often in the night and eventually wake up restless.

A hot room can cause discomfort, restlessness and sweating, which may lead to dehydration. Research shows that sleeping in a hot room may increase wakefulness, decrease sleep efficiency, making it hard to fall asleep

When the room is hot, you will not be comfortable in it and that will make you restless. You will start sweating which may lead to dehydration. Furthermore, research shows that sleeping in a hot room will make it difficult to fall asleep, increase wakefulness and decrease sleep quality. Ultimately, you will wake up tired in the morning, your appetite will reduce and you will be at risk of heart  and respiratory issues. 


Why You Can’t Sleep In Too Hot Or Cold Temperature..?

The temperature of your internal organs such as heart, liver and lungs etc is called core body temperature. When you are going to bed, your core body temperature drops to distribute heat and blood to hands and feet. If your core body temperature is too high then it will decrease sleep efficiency and increase wakefulness.

Similarly, A very cold room will also makes it harder to fall asleep and reduces quality of sleep. Furthermore, you are more likely to pee more often due to cold which ultimately results in poor sleep.

Best sleep tips

What is the Best Ac Temperature for good Sleep..?

The best air conditioning temperature for good quality sleep is 65°F (18.3°C). However, this may vary slightly among individuals as everyone have different body temperature.

So, ideal room temperature for good quality sleep is somewhere between 60°F to 67°F (15.6°C to 19.4°C). Use Sleep mode, if it is available in your Air Conditioner. 

Risks of Sleeping in Air Conditioner

There are no risks involved with sleeping in Air Conditioner. However using Ac full time may have some bad affects on your health but it is a subjective matter. It is safe to sleep with the AC if the indoor unit is clean and undergoes regular maintenance. As the filters in the indoor unit require cleaning twice a year or twice a month in dusty areas.

Regular cleaning will prevent formation of airborne contaminants like dust mites, volatile organic compounds, and pet dander. Other irritants that can be prevented are mold, pollen and bacteria.

These risks may be involved with using split AC full time. However, this is subjective,  depends on type of AC and may differ from region to region.

Benefits of Sleeping in Air Conditioner

The best thing about using Air Conditioner during extreme weather is good sleep and comfort. Apart from quality sleep, you will be safe from the horrible experience of sweating during sleep as many see bad dreams when slept in a hot room. let me list down some of the benefits here :

Note : Most modern Air Conditioners have Sleep mode, it will help you get comfortable sleep by temperature adjustment automatically.


Best Tips for Good Quality Sleep

These lifestyle changes can help promote good quality sleep :

Invest in these things if you are experiencing sleep issues :



Having enough quality sleep is very important for your mental and physical health.

So, when you are going to sleep keep the temperature to a comfortable level  to fall asleep easily and get a good quality sleep.

In most cases, ideal bedroom temperature is around 65°F (18.3° C) to make it easier to fall asleep and improve sleep efficiency.

If you have any questions,  feel free to ask me, i will reply within 2 days

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