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Posted on May 5th, 2023

In this Chilwell Ac Review you will find out honest Chilwell ac reviews. Pros and Cons of the Chillwell air cooler, clear misconceptions and know how to avoid getting scammed by the company.  

Is Chilwell ac any good? Legit, reliable or just a Scam? Keep reading to find out

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Lets get into details :

Here at Ac Guide, we write all about Air Conditioners and Air Coolers, As the Chillwell ac is gaining popularity and there’s an abundance of sponsored Chillwell ac reviews. We must write an honest review so the people could stop losing their money buying a wrong product. 

Our team did some research to unfold the hidden Chilwell Ac Reviews by reading online reviews on multiple review websites like Trustpilot, finding user opinions on forums like Quora and Reddit and watching youtube videos to see how other people feel about it.

Chilwell Portable Ac Reviews Summary : 

In my findings, Chilwell Portable Ac is a small personal air cooling gadget which is falsely advertised as a room air cooler or even air conditioner. It’s a humidifier with a fan and fancy lights that can blow cool breeze if you put in cold water, ice and freeze its cartridges. Furthermore, the company is using deceptive practices and does not care about their customer as you can find in many Trustpilot Chilwell ac reviews..

Pros : 


Cons : 

Chilwell Portable Ac Review

Chilwell portable air conditioner misconceptions : 

Chilwell portable Air Conditioner or Air Cooler ?

Typically when someone says “AC” it means air conditioner but can you write “Air Cooler” as “AC” ? well probably no in general. However, Chillwell did the same as they call their air cooler as Chillwell Portable Ac. That’s why if you read Chilwell ac reviews online, people are angry at the company as the device does not meet their expectations.

So, many people think it’s some kind of portable air conditioning unit which is not true. It’s a humidifier with a fan that can blow cool breeze if you put in cold water with ice and freeze its cartridges before use.


Does not Cool the Room!

Air coolers are not meant to cool the room even though they can if you place them in a window and let the air get out from the opposite side of the room through a door. Furthermore, the air blow should be strong enough otherwise it will only raise humidity level to the max and temperature will feel to rise. 

What air coolers do is they throw cool air, which is good for the person sitting next to it or somewhere in front of the air cooler. 

So, Chilwell ac could blow cool air but will never cool the room as claimed by the company!!! In most Chilwell ac reviews people are angry and unsatisfied with the company. 


Bad Return Policy : 

I see users complaining about Chilwell ac in Chilwell ac reviews all over the internet about bad customer support and no returns of faulty products by the company. In fact, the company has almost a “ No return” approach in their Return Policy.  

Legally these customers are liable, not the company as they should read the return policy before purchasing it. Read the Return Policy Section. 

Chillwell Air Cooler Specifications : 

How to Use Chillwell Air Cooler : 

The use of a Chilwell air cooler is easy and simple. Here is how to use Chilwell air cooler : 

  1. Place Chilwell Portable Ac in front of you on desk or table
  2. Plug in to charge the battery or use directly
  3. Dip the Cartridge in water and freeze 
  4. Add ice and cold water in the 550 ml tank
  5. Add or replace the cartridge
  6. Turn On and enjoy the cool breeze

How to Use Chilwell ac

Where to Use Chillwell Air Cooler : 

Chilwell air cooler is a personal air cooler and it can not be used to cool the entire room even a small one like a bath. You can only enjoy the cool breeze coming out of its small fan which probably won’t cover your entire body. That’s what most Chilwell ac reviews say on the internet except Chilwell ac review by sponsored blogs.

However, this small gadget is cute and useful in dry hot weather. To use a Chilwell air cooler you need to keep it in front of you on a table or something so you could enjoy direct air. Here are some actual use scenarios : 


  1. Alongside Air Conditioner  : 

On a hot sunny summer day air conditioners have to work hard to entirely cool down bigger rooms which are really heavy on energy bills. 

Let’s say you are sitting in front of a table while working on your laptop, you will have to bring the temperature very low to feel the cooling. Instead keep the Ac temperature a little higher and use Portable air cooler like Chillwell on your table to feel the cool breeze.

Some other places where Chilwell air coolers can be used alongside regular air conditioners are offices, workstations and dorms.


  1. Outdoor Cooling : 

If you’re working outside your regular staying area like garage, lawn, workshop etc you can use Chillwell portable ac for getting temporary cool breeze while you work.

  1. Cooling Mobile Homes / Caravans / Campervans :

A Chilwell portable air cooler can be kept anywhere and it takes very small space which makes it the perfect cooling gadget for small spaces like campers. Of Course it can not actually cool the camper but it’s great to have it in front of you to get a cool breeze.


  1. Cooling Tiny Houses : 

In tiny homes space is small and you can not keep big air coolers around which is why a Chilwell portable air cooler is great to be kept in a tiny house.

Chillwell Ac Features :

Humidifier : 

Chilwell ac is a great humidifier as it works by throwing cold misty air which makes it a perfect solution for dry hot weather.

Versatile : 

Chilwell ac provides 3 in 1 functions as it can be used as a fan, as a humidifier, or as an air cooler. That makes it a perfect choice during dry summertime to alleviate stuffy sinuses while staying cool. 

Portable and Lightweight : 

Chilwell ac provides a handle to carry it around anywhere which makes it easily portable to any desired location. It is very small and lightweight to move it from room to room or wherever you go.

It is not just to be used in the house, you can take it outside to the park, gym, beach etc. However, finding cold water, ice cubes and frozen cartridges may be a challenge.

Adjustable Settings : 

 Chillwell ac has variable settings for fan, airflow and humidity. You can set it to low, medium or high as required. Fan airflow direction can also be adjusted using the air direction tab on the front panel.

Furthermore, there is a maximum setting called Turbo to get the maximum out of your Chilwell air cooler.


Rechargeable : 


Chillwell ac can easily be recharged with USB-C cable in 3.5 hours and then can be used anywhere. Good news is, you can charge with any mobile phone charger or power bank.

Chilwell ac has a 2000mAh battery which is less than or equal to your smartphone battery. So it does not last very long. If you need continuous usage, then let the charging be turned on all the time like other appliances.

Chilwell ac will run 1 hour on Turbo with max cooling and up to 3.5 hours with low fan speed and cooling setting. The claims that while plugged in, the water fill can last for 8-12 hours. 

However, as per user opinions, ice will melt much sooner and water will get. So, it can only work as a fan or humidifier for 8-12 hours.

Night Lights : 

The most eye-catching feature of Chilwell ac is its warm mood lights selectable with a touch of a button. This button can be used to select between red, solid blue, white, teal, purple, green, yellow lights or it can be set on auto change.


Energy Efficient : 

Chillwell company’s main offer to customers is its energy efficiency and saving on bills. That’s why people are rushing to purchase it, as Chillwell ac is very small and so it takes little energy to operate. 

However, there are false claims that it can cool the entire room and replace your air conditioner or room air cooler and thus saving energy bills is a lie to be honest.


Hydro Chill Technology : 

The 3-in-1 functions of Chilwell ac are accomplished with a hydro chill technology. It works by drawing in hot air from the room or surroundings and adding steam from the humidifier to it. 

The water reservoir holds ice cubes and cold water for the humidifier so the steam generated will be cold. Furthermore, cooling cartridges up front are soaked in water and frozen before use. 

Leak Proof Reservoir : 

The 550ml water tank holds water and the company claims it is leak proof. However, we observe that water will drip from the cartridges up front making a leak.

Instant Cool Air : 

Unlike air conditioners which take time to throw cool air as they have to cool the entire room before you can feel it. Chilwell ac has no compressor, So, it can instantly throw cool air towards you.  

Any air cooler will take very less time to throw cool air but Chilwell ac is fastest as it does not have to auto wet the cartridges. 

Save Bills : 

Chilwell ac is fully portable and you can carry it around from room to room wherever you go. Instead of turning ON the air conditioner to the room where you’re staying for 5 minutes, just use the Chilwell air cooler and save bills.


Adjustable Cooling : 

Chilwell ac fan speed can be adjusted to low, medium, high and Turbo for maximum. Similarly, air louver direction and moisture level can be adjusted easily with the front panel making it highly customizable.

Easy to Operate : 

Just like any other air cooler, Chilwell ac is easy to set up and operate within a minute. It does not have any complex air conditioning system.

To use Chilwell ac, just charge it, fill up the cold water and you’re ready to feel some cold breeze.

Missing Features : 

Expensive : 

Chilwell ac company claims Chilwell ac is really affordable and cheap. It is not affordable to buy but indeed affordable to use and saves electric bills. However, the product is much more expensive as compared to similar items on Amazon. 

Even the same product from this same company is sold at half price on Amazon, Arctic air pure chill only lacks a handle.  That why is there are so many bad Chilwell ac reviews.


Short Battery Life :  

Most Chilwell ac reviews on TrustPilot say Chilwell ac battery can only last for an hour with max cooling and Turbo. So, you can not rely on its battery to get some sleep.  The company also claims the battery can last for 3.5 hours max on charge, however you can keep it plugged in for continuous use.


Not Permanent Cartridges : 

Air coolers do not need their cartridges to be frozen before use and get replaced when they get hot. Because swamp air coolers use evaporation to cool down, they don’t need ice for that matter.

But our friend Chilwell requires frozen cartridges for max cooling which makes it inconvenient to use. In fact, you can not use a Chilwell air cooler with max setting to comfort you while you sleep unless you wake up every hour to refill ice cubes and replace cartridges.

In some Chilwell ac reviews, people claim it does not perform much even after adding ice and freezing the cartridge.  


Can not Cool without Ice Cubes : 

Chilwell ac requires ice cubes and frozen cartridges for max cooling or at least cold water for minimum cooling. Which makes it thirsty for the ice, cold water, and frozen cartridges as compared to air coolers which only require water. Because of this, even when users know how this works, they are not happy in their Chillwell ac reviews on YouTube. 


Water Leaks : 

Even though the company claims Chilwell ac is leak proof, its cartridges drip water down on the table if its air louver direction is down. You can see it in many Chilwell ac reviews videos on YouTube.

Short Cord : 

Chilwell ac requires it to be placed very close to the power socket for charging and most people are very unhappy about it. After paying a handsome amount for such a small gadget they expect to get a better cord. I don’t mind getting a short cord, but i see other people are very angry in their Chilwell ac reviews. 


Chilwell Ac Return Policy : 


Chilwell ac offers 60 days money back guarantee on all returned items but you must know the details, to be eligible for a return : 

  1. Chilwell ac should be in brand new condition, unused, unworn and in its original packaging.
  2. Its packaging must be intact and returned to Chilwell in an appropriate shipping container.
  3. It must be returned to the return facility address provided by Chilwell customer service.

Furthermore : 


That means, you can not return the Chilwell ac even if it’s faulty, destroyed or whatever because you opened the package. However, you are safe if you are a wizard who can check the product without opening the package. That explains Chilwell is getting so many bad Chilwell ac reviews. 


Here is a link to Chilwell ac Return Policy


Chillwell ac Contact Options :

Email : ( note the email is from a different website, instead of )

Phone : 888-998-6324

Website :

Address : 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004, United States


Chillwell Ac Scam 

Chilwell ac is made by which got nothing but bad Chilwell ac reviews all over the internet. The company makes small brands like Chillwell, arctic air, arctos, purechill and many others. In addition to that, each brand has several domains ( websites ) to confuse customers.

Chilwell ac reviews 

Most users on the Trustpilot gave a 1 star review calling it Chilwell ac scam. People are annoyed by the company’s deceptive practices. Here is a list of some points against Chilwell ac company that people talk about in their Chilwell ac reviews on Trustpilot : 


Note : If you read Chillwell Ac Return Policy, they do not accept return or refund of opened packages. That means you can not return the faulty item.  However, bad Chilwell ac reviews is not the company’s fault as the buyer should know there is no return. 


A long history of Chilwell ac scam : 

The company uses new domains like or for building customer trust and advertisement and then redirect users to to buy it. Here are some bad reviews about it

Check Bad Chilwell portable ac Reviews on Trustpilot

Did you notice, help desk email domain is  which is not the same as something like 

Here are bad Chilwell ac reviews about ( the help desk website )

Some bad reviews of brands which the company is no longer operating 

Bad reviews about Artic Air Pure Chill on Trustpilot

Some bad reviews of brands which the company is currently operating, you can notice the same text, pricing and discount model.

Check Bad Reviews of the Parent company Ontel on Google 

Chilwell ac review

Chilwell even impersonated a famous YouTube Channel in their Ads

Chilwell Ac Alternatives : 

Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 :

Made by the same company who made Chillwell ac, Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 is almost identical to the Chillwell ac. Both products are made by Ontel but only Arctic Air is available on Amazon at half the price as compared to Chillwell.

Note : The only difference between the two is a lack of handle which makes Chilwell ac more portable. 

Check Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 on Amazon


Evapolar Portable Air Cooler :

A true swamp mini air cooler which actually works like air cooler! No need to put ice cubes, no need to freeze the cartridges and have Good customer reviews on Amazon and YouTube.

Check Evapolar Air Portable Cooler on Amazon


SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner :

If you have a little bit more budget and you’re looking for portable air conditioner instead of air cooler, or you live in a humid weather where air cooler can not be used then this air conditioner is great for you.

Check SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner on Amazon


Chilwell ac Buyers Guide : 

Here is everything you need to know if you’re ready to buy the Chilwell ac : 

How to Buy : 

You can buy Chilwell ac only from their official store which is They accept payments through paypal and credit cards. If you buy from elsewhere, Chilwell does not provide any return or refund of the item. In many Chillwell ac reviews customers are angry that they can not return the faulty product.

Where to buy Chilwell Portable Ac : 

Chilwell ac is not available on Amazon, you can only buy it from their website which is . If the company is sincere they should start selling on Amazon also, so the customers can post their Chillwell portable ac reviews on Amazon after purchasing.

Chilwell ac Price : 

The price of Chilwell ac is variable and you get a discount for buying more items. The company currently provides a 55% discount if you buy 4 items at once.  Here are their pricing details. 

Furthermore, you will need cooling cartridges at a price of $35 which last around 1-3 months. In many Chilwell ac reviews, users are unhappy about their pricing, it is difficult for them to understand their pricing model. 

Chilwell ac price

Things to Know : 

If you’re going to buy Chilwell Ac you must understand there is no return or refund in practice. It’s not an air conditioner and can not cool the whole room. Furthermore, the company has bad Chillwell ac reviews about their customer support and quality on YouTube, Trustpilot and other places except sponsored blogs.

Tips when Buying : 

As there are bad Chillwell ac reviews about Chilwell customer support. In case you still want to buy the product, then insure your purchase so you can dispute with your credit card company if anything goes wrong.


Add Ons : 

Chilwell ac requires cooling cartridges which are frozen before use and can last around 1-3 months. At the time of writing this article, they are sold at a price of $34.99. You can buy them from Chilwell Cartridge Website or on ebay

Note how the company keeps separate websites for each product and each task which is pretty confusing for customers as you can see in Chillwell ac reviews.


FAQs : 

Is Chillwell ac any good?

Chilwell ac is a personal cooling gadget more like a fan with a humidifier and lights. It can blow cool air but the amount of air would be very small given the size of Chilwell ac. Read this article completely for Chillwell ac reviews.

Is Chillwell ac legit? 

I sure have doubts about the legitimacy of the business due to their deceptive and scam practices. Youtube, Trustpilot and other sites are full of angry Chilwell customers and bad Chillwell portable ac reviews. Some people don’t even get the product after paying for it and their customer service is unresponsive.

However, you will find very positive but sponsored Chilwell ac reviews on Blogs. Furthermore, mostly people receive the product after the purchase.

Chilwell ac reviews

Why should I buy a Chilwell ac?

Buying a Chilwell ac is like a gambling, as many customers do not even get their product after paying for it and there is no way to reach the company. As the company usually does not pick calls or reply to their emails as per Chillwell ac reviews. Furthermore, they do not provide the email address of the official website. 

Is Chillwell ac a scam?

The company behind Chilwell ac is using deceptive practices, making multiple brands of the same product, does not care about customers, offer no returns of the damaged products, and their customer service does not reply as per most Chilwell ac reviews. However, most people get the product if they pay for it.

Does Chillwell ac actually work?

No, as per most Chilwell ac reviews, it does not work as the company advertises it to cool the room. However, it’s a cool fan with a humidifier and warm mood lights that can actually throw cool air for some time if you add ice to it.


Is Chillwell ac reliable?

No, Chilwell ac or the company behind it is pretty unreliable as you can not return the product even if it’s damaged just because you opened the package. Furthermore, many people stated in their Chilwell portable ac reviews online that they did not receive the product after paying for it.


Can you buy Chillwell ac on Amazon?

Chilwell ac is not available on Amazon. However, a similar product from the same company is available and at a much cheaper price, it just lacks a carry handle. Check Arctic Air 2.0 and other alternatives



In this Chilwell ac review we proved that Chilwell ac is a small gadget that may not worth your precious money. We proved our point using the opinions of hundreds of people giving Chilwell portable ac reviews on Trustpilot. Even though it’s cool to have it around, I won’t keep it because it requires continuous feeding of ice and frozen cartridges. Everyone wants things which we set and forget, not to change cartridges every hour just to feel some cool breeze as little as a computer fan. Furthermore, i won’t recommend buying it as it depends on your luck to actually get the product and get the working one as per most Chillwell ac reviews.



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