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Posted on August 5th, 2022

Do you prefer using Dawlance Ac Remote App instead of Remote Controller? here in this article, i will discus everything you need to know.

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Dawlance Air History :

Dawlance launched it’s “Dawlance Air” remote control mobile App in July 2018. However, the company was not able to maintain the app and now in 2022 it is not available on Google Play Store.

Dawlance Air on Apple Store :

Although, it is still available on Apple store but it only has bad reviews.

Dawlance Air on ApkCombo :

If you still want to try “Dawlance Air” App on your Android device, then there is a copy available on Apkcombo. It is the most popular apk download platform on the internet for Apps that are removed from play stores or Apps that are available on Playstores.

Everyone considers Google Play Store and Apple Play Store to be Safe even though they remove thousands of apps with millions of downloads that contain malware.

So, the question arises, is Apkcombo Apps are Safe? because direct downloaded mobile app could actually be a virus or malware.

In order to check how secure is the app available on Apkcombo I did a scan for viruses and malware on this App copy and found it safe on Virus Total.

So, what is VirusTotal? well it is a virus database website used by security teams to check virus in the App, Virus Total also scans the app with almost all available Antiviruses.

Cielo Ac App :

Another great alternate that i have found is Cielo App. I’m not affiliated by any means with Cielo. This app is Ads free and available on Google play and Apple Stores. Furthermore, it is the best rated 4.9 rating.

Universal Ac Remote App :

The second option is Universal Ac remote App which is rated 4.2.

More Apps :

Furthermore, you can just head over to Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple Store for iphones and search for “Ac remote control”. You may find some decent apps, make sure to check their reviews before installing them.

Alternate to Using Apps :

People usually prefer Mobile Apps to manage Air Conditioner because Ac remote can easily get lost or break especially when there are children around.

So, if you face the same problem, you can try using a wall mount with string attached to the remote.


I hope Dawlance will update their app and if they do so, i will update it here.

So, which app you found? and what was your experience with Dawlance Air? Let me know in the comments

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