Dawlance Ac Remote Setting

Posted on August 5th, 2022

Have you recently purchase Dawlance Air Conditioner? and want to know about Dawlance Ac remote settings, signs and functions? or perhaps you want to purchase dawlance ac remote control.

Note : There are several variants of Dawlance Ac remote available in the market, i will stick to common signs that share the same functions in all Dawlance Air Conditioners.

Here is a list of Dawlance Ac Remote Setting Sings and Functions, Click on the sign to view details :

  1. On / Off ( power ) button
  2. Mode function ( Select operation mode )
  3. Fan Button ( fan speed )
  4. Turbo function ( fast heating or cooling )
  5. Up down ( + and – ) signs
  6. Horizontal Airflow Angle Sign
  7. Vertical Airflow Sign
  8. Dawlance M button Function
  9. Dawlance Timer ON / OFF Function
  10. Dawlacne Ac Remote Sleep Function
  11. Dawlance Ac Remote Light Button
  12. Dawlance Ac Remote Wifi Sign
  13. Dawlance Ac Remote Health Function
  14. Dawlance Ac Self Clean Function
  15. Child Lock
  16. How to Reset

Let’s Jump to Dawlance Ac Remote Setting Details :

Dawlance Ac Remote Functions Signs and Setting

1. Power on / off :

First of all make sure electric supply is turned on for your Dawlance Air Conditioner and your Dawlance remote have a healthy batteries in it.

Point your remote towards Dawlance Ac indoor unit and press the Power Ac Remote Power On Off button Symbol  button to turn ON.

Tip : When changing remote controller batteries, change both of them together. Store the remote in dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Dawlance Ac Mode :

There are 5 operation modes available in Dawlance Air Conditioners

Dawlance Ac Modes

  1. Auto mode represented with arrows in circle
  2. Cool mode represented with ice icon
  3. Dry mode represented with 3 drops icon
  4. Fan mode represented with fan icon
  5. Heat mode represented with sun icon

Selecting the correct operation mode is important, so let me explain in detail

Dawlance Ac Auto Mode : 

In Auto mode, your dawlance air conditioner will automatically detect the room temperature and decides if there is a need to cool the room or heat the room.

Press Mode button repeatedly to activate Auto mode until you see Auto icon on the screen ( arrows in circle )

Dawlance Ac Cool Mode : 

Dawlance Ac Dry Mode : 

Dawlance Ac Fan Mode :

Heat Mode :

Note :

To prevent cold air, Dawlance Air Conditioner will delay for 1 to 5 minutes before blowing air.

How to Set the mode ?

Just press the mode button on the dawlance ac remote controller and it will change the mode each time you press this button. Alright, that’s all for the modes. let’s jump to next dawlance ac remote setting.

3. Fan Button Sign :

Dawlance Ac Fan Speed

Note :

4. Turbo Function :

Turbo is very useful function when there are extreme temperatures outside, you enter the room when air conditioner is not running and you want the room to be quickly cooled in summer or fast heated in winters.

5. Temperature Up and Down :

To set the temperature use ( + ) or ( – ) signs on Dawlance remote controller.

6. Horizontal Airflow :

Dawlance Ac Remote Horizontal Airflow Setting


7. Vertical Airflow :

Dawlance Ac Remote Vertical Swing Angle Setting


8. Dawlance Ac Remote M Button :

9. Dawlance Ac Remote Timer ON / OFF Button :

Timer function is useful for turning the Dawlance ac ON or OFF automatically at a given time.

How to Cancel Dawlance Ac Remote Timer Setting :

When Timer ON or Timer OFF is active, Simply press Timer button once to cancel it.

Note :

10. Dawlance Ac Remote Sleep Function :

Sleep function is for comfortable sleep, it will increase the temperature gradually each hour.

Note :

11. Dawlance Ac Remote Light button :


12. Dawlance Ac Remote Wifi button :

13. Dawlance Ac Remote Health button :

14. Dawlance Ac Self Clean button :

In OFF mode, press this button and unit will operate in self clean mode.

15. How to Unlock or Lock Dawlance Ac Remote Child Lock :

There are 2 options to lock or unlock Dawlance Air conditioner.

Method 1 :

There is a pin hole at the bottom of your Dawlance Ac remote controller, insert the pin in the lock hole.

Method 2 :

Press Temperature + and – buttons together to lock or unlock the Dawlance Ac Remote.


16. How to Reset Dawlance Ac Remote :

There are 2 options to reset :

  1. Remove batteries to reset or
  2. Use pin hole at the bottom of Dawlance Ac remote controller.

Alright, that are all the available settings in Dawlance Ac remote controller. Have i missed something? let me know in the comments


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  1. Sidra says:

    My ac invter how rest remote

  2. Haj Agha says:

    اے سی کے ریموٹ کے بٹن کام نہیں کررہے ہیں سوا ئے ٹا ئمر بٹن کے اس کا کوئی حل

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  4. Khalid Zamir Rasib says:


  5. rameez sohail says:

    remote chaye gum ho gaya hai mil jaye ga

    1. G, check your Dawlance Ac Model and search on Daraz

  6. Butt sb says:

    Ac remote chal raha hy but is sy ac operate ni hora means remote pr settings change hoti pr ac pr ni ac pr 26 hi hy

    1. Change remote batteries, plus keep it within range

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