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Posted on June 1st, 2023

Have you ever heard about Gree Ac I Feel Function? perhaps, you own a Gree Air Conditioner and you saw I Feel mode on your Gree Ac Remote. In this post, you will find about this interesting feature of Gree Air Conditioner.

In Gree Ac Remote I Feel Function, the Gree Air Conditioner uses Gree Remote to sense room temperature in order to cool or heat the remote parts of the room in case the room is big.

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Why Do You need to use I Feel Function :

If the room where your Gree Air Conditioner is installed is bigger than the air conditioner capacity, there will be problems. Such as, the temperature near air conditioner indoor unit will be different as compared to other parts of the room. The person stood up front and feeling the direct breeze from indoor unit will enjoy like an air cooler but the room overall is not air conditioned well.

So, what I Feel mode does is, to let the air conditioner do some extra work until it’s cooling reaches to remote parts of the room.  However, there is a downside to it, as the temperature near the indoor unit will become less ideas, means cold in cool mode and very hot in heat mode.

How to Use I Feel Mode in Gree Ac :

To use I Feel mode in Gree Ac, place your Gree Ac Remote where you need cooling or heating, such as on your bed, in case indoor unit is not facing towards bed.  Now to activate I Feel mode, press I Feel button in Gree Ac Remote.

Note : Place the Remote controller where it should be able to send signal to indoor unit, that is under 7 meters without any wall or structure in between.

Another thing you might need is to set the vertical air direction louver in the middle or towards roof. As if it throws direct air towards a person, it will become uncomfortable for the person.   To get the best performance,  keep remote controller away from heat or cold temperature sources while using this function.

Gree Ac Remote I Feel Function

How I Feel Function Works in Gree Ac ?

When you press I Feel button on Gree Ac Remote, the I Feel Function gets activated. Upon activation, the remote control uses built in temperature sensor to sense the temperature and then it sends the reading to the indoor unit every 10 minutes.

Now instead of relying on the temperature sensor of indoor unit, the air conditioner now uses Gree remote controller’s temperature sensor to cool or heat the room.

Does I Feel Function is heavy on bills?

The Gree Ac I Feel function does not use extra electricity to operate. However, as the air conditioner may work more than usual to equally cool or heat the room, hence it may be heavy on bills.

Gree Ac I Feel mode Alternatives :

Could there be any alternative to such a cool function? Yes, it saves electricity and it can be used in any air conditioner. The trick here is to circulate the air in order for cooling to reach the remote parts of the room. So how do you achieve that?

Simply, use a roof fan or pedestal fan with air conditioner. Let’s say you need cooling and you need 25 degree Celsius to feel good, then instead of setting the ideal temperature to 25, you can set it 27 and use a fan to feel it like 25. This trick will save you electricity even if you have a small room and you don’t need I Feel function.

Can i use I Feel function with other modes ?

Yes, in Gree air conditioner operation modes and extra functions are different and they can be used together. I Feel is an extra function and not regular operation mode. However, people often call it I Feel Mode instead of I Feel Function. So, whatever operation mode you’re using it does not make any difference.

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