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Posted on June 5th, 2023

Is it worth buying Gree air conditioner in 2023…? To help you decide, we purchased multiple models of Gree Ac to run tests. In this Gree Ac Review, i will discuss pros and cons of Gree air conditioner with comparison to other brands.

Note : This review is NOT sponsored by the company

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Gree Ac Review Summary :

If you need a reliable, feature rich air conditioner that provides value for money on a budget then Gree is the best choice.  Gree is a world’s largest Chinese Air Conditioner manufacturer of residential and commercial HVAC units. Their Air Conditioners have the most advanced technology, stylish design and superior performance. However, their warranty requires professional installation and maintenance otherwise you will face a bad customer service.

Gree Ac Pros :


Gree Ac Cons :


About Gree :

Gree is a HVAC manufacturer since 1991, and now for some years GREE is a World’s Largest Domestic Air Conditioner Brand. Originally based in Zhuhai China, the company now operates in 180 countries. The company spends 3% of it’s budget on energy saving innovation in air conditioning.

The company ranks 487 in fortune 500 companies as of 2022, and ranked No 1 brand of air conditioners in the world during year 2021. Furthermore, the company also manufacturers air conditioners for other popular brands across the globe.

Gree ac review

Warranty and Customer Service :

Gree provides 10 year warranty for it’s compressor, 4 year PCB, 2 years Evaporator / Condenser and  1 year parts and service. However, the company requires a purchase and installation from certified dealer otherwise standard warranty of 7 year for compressor will be applicable.

Note : Warranty Terms may be different in your region, confirm with the local distributor

I saw dozens of Gree ac reviews on the internet about bad Customer service. However, with little digging i found that these people were not able to understand the warranty terms. Sure, you could say they have a strict warranty and hard requirements, such as installation and maintenance by certified professionals. However, i could not find anything wrong with that.

Another problem people faced is condenser leakage and they blame the company for making a low quality product which leaks the refrigerant.  But the truth is, leakage is the fault of installation staff or it could be due to salty environment which could happen with any brand. I have been using multiple Gree air conditioners for several years now and have not found any such problem.

Gree Ac Features :

If you want the good features of high end brands like Carrier, then Gree has them all at a much cheaper price. However, some people may argue that some Japanese brands may be much more reliable then Gree with some extra cost.

Turbo Mode :

Gree Ac Turbo mode is a very handy function of Gree air conditioner. When you turn on Turbo, fan speed and compressor will give everything they got with max power in order to quickly Cool the room.

Energy Efficient :

Most Gree Ac models are very energy efficient especially inverter models which save up to 60% energy and they have 38 SEER  rating for cooling and 15 HSPF rating for heating. Most high end brands meet the same standard and there is nothing special. However, Gree is better then low and medium end brands who compete in pricing with Gree.

Gree inverter uses dual rotary compressor with 3 cylinder G 10 technology. That have multiple speed ranges especially low speed ranges that makes it possible to run in low current of 4.02 AMP.  Hence it saves power and makes it energy efficient.

Diverse Models :

Gree offers a diverse range of models and whatever the size of your room or building may be, Gree got you covered.  Some of them are single zone mini splits and inverters like sapphire, other solutions are multi zone, commercial solutions and VRF systems.

Low Voltage Startup :

All domestic Gree inverter air conditioners can start with 150V which makes it great for energy saving as well as easy to operate in remote areas where electricity is not stable. Furthermore, this makes it a best choice to use in developing countries where electricity voltage problem is a constant headache.

Sleek Design :

Gree air conditioners have a modern design with clean lines and classy look that blends very well with your interior design. Furthermore, the dimensions of the indoor unit are very suitable for any size of room.

Intelligent Preheating and Defrost :

In cold weather when turning ON the air conditioner, most air conditioners start throwing cold air for some time. Gree air conditioner waits until it has been heated up to throw hot air. Furthermore, during snow if outdoor unit comes under frost, Gree has intelligent defrost function which automatically works.

I Feel Mode :

Gree ac I Feel mode is a very handy feature in Gree Ac that makes it possible to cool big rooms where air conditioner is smaller as compared to room size.

Vacation Mode :

Vacation mode works as a freeze guard when you are away on a Vacation and you want to prevent frost. So, this mode maintains 8 degree Celsius which is just enough for defrost.

Golden Fin Condenser :

Gree use golden fin technology in their condenser coils which is the best and it saves the coils from external damage due to water, acids and salts.

Gree Ac Models :

Gree offers a wide range of air conditioners for domestic and commercial uses. They also make VRF systems and multi zone air conditioners. High rated most popular Gree inverter ac models are Fairy, Sapphire and Pular. Gree also makes floor standing units so you can choose as per your needs.

Here is a list of Gree Ac models available in USA :

Mini Splits :

Gree mini split air conditioner lets you control the temperature of individual room or spaces, they have two main components which are indoor unit and an outdoor unit.  Gree makes mini splits for residential and commercial use alike.

Mini Split Single Zone :

The mini split single zone air conditioners are wall mounted air conditioners suitable for a single room. Here is a list of mini split single zone Gree ac models :

Mini Split Multi Zone :

The multi zone air conditioner will have a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor unit. Apart from that, all other functionality will be the same. Here is a list of Mini Split Multi Zone Gree  Ac models :

Other Large & Commercial Models :

Note : Models in your region may be different as compared to those available in USA

Gree Ac Buyers Guide :

If you are looking to buy Gree air conditioner then here are few things that you should consider

Model Selection :

Gree offers hundreds of models for any type of building and size, some models may be specific to your region while others may not be available in your region. Select appropriate model based on energy efficiency, features, price and BTU capacity.

Gree makes several similar models in one series, they are different from each other in features. As the same model will have two variant with same specifications except Wifi feature which lets you control your air conditioner remotely.

Price :

The first thing people consider is the initial cost of purchasing the unit. In Gree ac initial costs may be higher then many low end brands but the operating costs will be lower in the long run.

Gree is cheaper than high end brands like Carrier and many other brands of same quality. However, low end brands will be cheaper then Gree but their costs will be higher in the long run in terms of repairs, bills and replacement.

Energy Efficiency :

The energy efficiency of any air conditioner is measured with energy efficiency ratio or EER in short. The EER is a ratio of how much energy a unit uses versus how much it cools a space.

Small ductless systems of Gree air conditioners are much more energy efficient as compared to many competitors which make similar units. Go for an inverter type model for a maximum energy efficiency in domestic wall mounted ductless air conditioner. Most popular Gree inverter series is Sapphire with EER of up to 38.


Cooling Power :

Cooling power of an air conditioner is measured with British Thermal Unit or BTU in short. The BTU number represents how much space an air conditioner will cool or heat.

Note : 1,000 BTU = 20 square feet

Most Gree models offer higher BTU number then their competitors, the most popular Gree Sapphire and other Gree 1 ton inverters offers a BTU capacity of 12000.


Installation Cost :

Installation cost is another important consideration when buying Gree ac as the brand requires the installation by Gree certified technician otherwise the warranty will be void to some extent and only standard warranty will be applicable. However, keep in mind that unprofessional installation of air conditioner may result in leakage of refrigerant and other problems and that’s true for any brand.

Repair & Maintenance Cost :

As i stated earlier, professional installation will reduce ongoing problems and hence saves repair costs. If installed correctly, Gree ac is very reliable and trouble free air conditioner. However, electric appliances could become faulty at any time for some unfortunate reason.

If your Gree air conditioner has an active warranty then you will be able to save repair costs. Regular maintenance is very easy and must to do thing that could save you repair costs if something goes wrong due to your negligence.

How to Buy :

Have you made up your mind to buy Gree air conditioner and thinking about the best place to buy it? Well here is a thing, buy Gree ac from a certified Gree ac store. You can also buy it from any local air conditioner store. To find the official store of Gree in your region click here.


Gree air conditioner is a great option as they have domestic and commercial models of all sizes, they are cheaper, energy efficient and reliable as compared to other brands. They offer warranties with limitations, be sure to read their warranty before buying one.

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