Haier Ac Remote Setting

Posted on September 19th, 2022

Have you bought new Haier Air Conditioner and want to know how it’s remote works? In this article i will explain Haier Ac remote setting, signs and functions in detail.

Note : There are many variants of Haier Ac and their remote controllers are different in size and shape but i will stick to common functions they all have.

Here is a list of Haier Ac remote symbols ( 1 to 8 ) and Haier Ac remote Settings ( 9 to ), click them to view details and match list number on picture with signs :

Haier ac remote signs

Haier Ac Remote Signs on haier ac remote controller

    1. Modes display
    2. Signal Sending Display
    3. Swing Display ( Airflow direction )
    4. FAN Speed Display
    5. Lock / Unlock Display
    6. Timer OFF and Timer ON display
    7. Temperature display
    8. Additional Functions display
    9. Quiet Button
    10. Heat Mode Button
    11. Cool Mode Button
    12. AUTO Mode button
    13. Fan Button ( fan speed )
    14. Timer ON/OFF button
    15. Health Button
    16. Child Lock Button
    17. Light Button
    18. Power ON / OFF button
    19. DRY Mode  Button
    20. TEMP buttons ( + and – ) signs
    21. SWING Button ( Airflow Direction )
    22. UP/DOWN buttons
    23. Extra Function Button
    24. Cancel / Confirm Button
    25. Reset ( button )
    26. Haier Ac Remote Modes
    27. Turbo function ( fast heating or cooling )
    28. Sleep Function

Now let’s jump into details :

1. Modes Display :

Haier Ac operation mode symbols are displayed here.

2. Signal Display :

When you press any button, this wifi symbol will blink if settings are delivered to the indoor unit.

3. Swing Display :

Airflow direction and louver location symbols

4. Fan Display :

Fan Speed Symbols here show the fan speed

5. Lock Display :

Lock or Unlock symbol will display here

6. Timer Display :

Timer symbols will display here

7. Temperature Display :

Current set temperature will show up here on Haier Remote

8. Additional Functions Display :

Symbols of extra / additional functions will display here when activated.

9. Haier Ac Remote Quiet Button :

10. Haier Ac Heat Mode :

11. Haier Ac Cool Mode :

12. Haier Ac Auto Mode : 

13. Haier Ac Remote FAN Button :


Haier Ac Fan Settings

14. Haier Ac Timer ON/OFF Button :

haier ac remote timer

Select Time : 

Confirm Timer Haier Ac Remote Setting :

Cancel Timer Haier Ac Remote Setting :

Note : After replacing batteries or a power failure happens, time setting will be reset. According to the Time setting sequence of TIMER ON or TIMER OFF, either Start-Stop or Stop-Start can be achieved.

15. Haier Ac Health Function Button :

haier ac health function

Cancel Health Function :

Press EXTRA FUNCTIONS button to enter additional options, Press this button continuously, the louvers location will cycle between three locations again, and then
press CONFIRM/CANCEL button to cancel.

Note : 

16. Haier Ac Child Lock/Unlock Button :

17. Haier Ac Light Button :

18. Power Button :

Make sure your remote control have charged batteries in it and then turn it on using the power button as shown in (18) on above diagram

Tip : When replacing remote control batteries, change both of them together as leaving one weak battery will weaken the other newly placed battery. Store the remote in dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

19. Haier Ac Dry Mode Button :


20. Haier Ac TEMP (+) and (-) Buttons :

21. Haier Ac SWING Button :

Haier Ac remote SWING button

22. Timer Adjust Up/Down Buttons :

There are multiple uses of Up/Down buttons such as selecting right swing angle or selecting extra function

23. Haier Ac EXTRA FUNCTION Button :


25. How to Reset Haier Ac Remote Setting :

26. Haier Ac Operation Modes :

There are 5 operation modes available in Haier Air Conditioners remote as shown in (1) on the diagram.

Haier ac mode signs

Selecting the correct operation mode is important, here is a list of haier ac modes

FAN Mode :

27. Haier Ac Turbo Function :

28. Haier Ac Sleep Function :

32 thoughts on "Haier Ac Remote Setting"

  1. Mr Keen says:

    Can my Haier a/c unit just circulate air

    1. Yes, use Fan mode. To activate fan mode, press Extra Functions button multiple times until Fan mode is selected.

  2. Nazra says:

    Hi my i know what is icon no 2 from left below fan speed stands for ? Tq

    1. These are additional extra functions read above.

  3. Araf hasan says:

    How can I set swing button in Haier ac permanently please answer

    1. Use SWING with UP or Down to adjust airflow direction, unless it is set to auto, it will stay

  4. Mamun says:

    Please explain Sleep mode. I went to run 6 hours temperature 26 to 29°c. And how can save power energy. If use sleep mode our energy save? Also given 26-29°c temperature?

    Please feedback me.


  5. Zeeshan says:

    Please guide, for less electricity consumption which are the best option to select on remote.
    I am using hair dc inverter 1.5 tons

    1. Just keep the temperature high when cooling, use a fan alongside and avoid ceiling fan. Furthermore, properly insulate the room

  6. Azif says:

    leaf sign at serial no 8 means healthy airflow but And what is its function? Why we select this??

    1. It adjusts airflow direction to avoid throwing cold air directly to your body. You can set this position manually as well.

  7. shujah ur rehman says:

    what is the function of ECO function in higher air condition.
    Also is it control cooling of ac or not?

  8. Mohammad Rizwan says:

    Is turbo mode take more electricity
    Means i turn on turbo mode
    Compressor keeps on running even ac reaches the temperature limit

    1. Yes Turbo mode takes more electricity. Inverter compressor does not turn off altogether, its not due to turbo.

  9. K. జయ bhaskar says:

    Green light ఉందా

  10. Mohammad Rizwan says:

    A.C 1.5-Ton Hair – Room Size 12x12x9
    میں اے-سی کا ٹمپریچر 22 سیٹ کرتا ہوں
    لیکن 1 گھنٹے یا حتی کہ 3 گھنٹے بعد بھی وہ کمرے کا درجہ حرارت 30 سے نیچے نہیں لے کر آتا
    ٹربو موڈ پر بھی چلاکے دیکھا ہے
    لیکن 30 سے نیچے نہیں آتا کمرے کا درجہ حرارت
    کیا وجہ ہو سکتی ہے

    1. make sure cooling mode is selected, otherwise check for refrigerant leakage

  11. Atif says:

    How I will come to know that Ac Inverter has been tripped?

  12. Muhammad Muzammil says:

    How we can on remote display light
    Because in night we cannot adjust any settings without room light on

  13. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    Why the temperature is different on remote and indoor display .

    1. Maybe indoor displaying the last set temperature, and when you tried setting the temp last time, signal was not received by the indoor

  14. Nimra says:

    When we press on button..my remote show all these function like your picture…what’s the solution?

    1. That’s how they work, if its continuously showing all the symbols, then reset the remote by removing batteries for a min.

  15. Sandeep says:

    How can I change default temperature set when I turn on the AC unit?

    Currently it is 22C and I want it to be 28C.

    1. Select cooling mode, and use + and – buttons to adjust temperature

  16. Zain says:

    Mere pas Haier UV inverter ha us ma temperature Celsius to Fahrenheit kasa kara

  17. Philip says:

    I set temp eg 26 degs. AC cools to 2 degs below this (24), then stops. It restarts at 26.5 degs. It takes too long for ac to restart. By this time room is hot. How to reduce this diferential to 1 deg?

    1. Unfortunately that’s how it works due to delay in thermostat reading. However, you can use a fan with ac and set the temperature relatively high.

  18. Farwa says:

    My AC wont start by itself after electricity went down and come ….
    And its lid went upside down when turned off
    Why is it so ???

    1. If the ac used to start before, then there is problem in its memory module. The lid may not close due to mechanical fault.

  19. ozair says:

    The AC suddenly has a light blue light instead of a deeper blue. what does that indicate ?

    1. Nothing to worry, if there are no other problems

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