Panasonic Ac Remote Functions

Posted on January 17th, 2023

If you want to know Panasonic Ac Remote Functions as you’re struggling to use Panasonic Air Conditioner Remote, then this guide will cover each and everything. In this article Panasonic Ac manual is explained in detail.

Note : There are many models of Panasonic Air Conditioner but i will include common functions and settings that are found in all models.

Panasonic Ac Remote Functions and Settings manual Here is a list of Panasonic Ac Remote Functions, Click to jump towards specific setting :

  1. Power On / OFF
  2. Select Operation Mode
  3. Set Temperature
  4. Select Clock Time
  5. Energy Saving Function ECONAVI
  6. Powerful & Quiet operation
  7. Panasonic Ac Fan Speed
  8. Panasonic Auto Comfort Function
  9. Panasonic Purify Air NANOE-G Function
  10. Airflow Direction Adjustment
  11. Panasonic Ac Timer
  12. Automatic Voltage Switcher AVS
  13. How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  14. How to Reset Panasonic Ac Remote
  15. How to Unlock Panasonic Ac Remote
  16. Other FAQs

Let’s Jump into details :

Power On / OFF :

Point your Panasonic Ac remote towards Panasonic Air Conditioner within a range of 8 meter and press the power button to Turn ON air conditioner. Repeat to Turn OFF. See (2) in above picture.

Panasonic Ac Modes :

There may be 3 to 5 operation modes available in Panasonic Air Conditioner, depending on your model which are AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN, HEAT. Let me explain each of them in detail :

How to Switch Modes ? To select a specific operation mode, press MODE button multiple times until you see your desired mode name or symbol on the remote controller screen. See (1) in above picture.


In AUTO mode, Panasonic Air Conditioner will automatically select the operation mode as per current room temperature.


Use COOL mode to cool the room

Tip : Use Curtains on Windows to block heat and increase cooling  


Use DRY mode in rainy season when there is no need for Cooling or Heating, there is just excess moisture in the air which makes you feel sweaty and hot. To get rid of that humidity you can use DRY mode.



Use fan mode when you don’t want outdoor unit compress to be used. In FAN mode your air conditioner will work as a Fan only.


Use Heat Mode to heat the room during winters


Select Temperature :

To increase or decrease temperature use TEMP up “▲” and down “▼” buttons on Panasonic Ac remote.

Select Clock Time :

Select Clock time in Panasonic Ac Remote

  1. Press Clock button as shown in above picture.
  2. Select time using up and down buttons as shown in (2) on above picture.
  3. Press the SET button to confirm as shown in (3)


Panasonic Ac Energy Saving :

Powerful  / Quiet Operation :

To toggle between Powerful, Quiet and Normal press POWERFUL/QUIET button.


Panasonic Ac Fan Speed :

To increase or decrease FAN speed, press FAN SPEED button multiple times. Panasonic Ac Fan Speed In AUTO fan speed, Panasonic Ac will automatically select Fan Speed according to current operation mode.

Panasonic AUTO COMFORT :

AUTO COMFORT take advantage of the human nature which takes time to feel the temperature rise during low activity level, the unit adjusts temperature to maximize energy saving without sacrificing the comfort. Panasonic Air Conditioner uses sensors to detect presence of people in the room and performs accordingly. ( increases or decreases temperature ) AUTO COMFORT can  be activated in  any mode,  however, you  can  not select  it with  POWERFUL/QUIET or ECONAVI

Panasonic NANOE-G Function :

Press NANOE-G  to purify the room air

To deactivate viruses/bacteria on the filter :


Panasonic  Ac Airflow Direction :

To change airflow direction vertically  or horizontally press AIR SWING button. In some models there is a button above ‘AIR SWING’ and below ‘AIR SWING’ on the Panasonic Ac Remote. Such models can adjust horizontal and vertical airflow direction with button as shown in the picture below. Panasonic Airflow direction However, in most models horizontal air swing  can not be adjusted  with a button, in such a case you can adjust it manually. In COOL/DRY mode, if AUTO is set, the louver swings left/right and up/down automatically. Note : Do not change airflow louver by hand if it can be adjusted with a remote button, otherwise you may damage it.

Panasonic  Ac Timer :

To turn ON or OFF the unit at a preset time you can use the Timer function in Panasonic Air Conditioner. Panasonic Ac Timer

  1. Select ON or OFF Timer
  2. Set the time using UP & DOWN buttons.
  3. Confirm  using SET  button

Note :


Automatic Voltage Switcher :

When power supply is unstable, where the AC voltage supplied is below 185 V or above 260 V, AVS will switch off the outdoor unit to protect the compressor. During this condition, the AVS indicator will turn on.


Panasonic Ac How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit :

To switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit display, press  and hold Clock down button on Panasonic Ac Remote for 10 seconds Panasonic Ac how to convert Celsius to fahrenheit

How to Reset Panasonic Ac Remote :

To reset Panasonic Ac Remote, find a RESET button on the Panasonic Ac Remote and press it with a needle. Another method is just remove the remote batteries until display goes off and then insert them back.

How to Unlock Panasonic Ac Remote :

To Lock or Unlock Panasonic Ac Remote press Temperature Up and Down Keys together.

Other FAQs :

How to use Panasonic AC when remote is lost ?

How to Turn on Panasonic Ac without remote To Turn on Panasonic Ac manually without using remote controller, when remote is lost or malfunction occurs.

  1. Lift up indoor unit front panel
  2. Find and press the button as shown in the picture.

Here is how it works :

How to Use Panasonic Ac Remote Setting for Max Cooling ?

If your Panasonic Air Conditioner is not Cooling there are some things to consider or maybe it’s just that you changed it’s mode.

Ideal Remote Settings for Panasonic Ac Cooling :

  1. Make Sure Cool mode is selected
  2. To use maximum power of Panasonic air conditioner, use Powerful function
  3. make sure fan air is thrown on the floor and not on the roof.

Things To Check if Panasonic Ac is not Cooling :

If all above settings are fine, but your Panasonic Ac is not cooling properly. Then Check these things :

  1. Clean Air Filter : Check your Panasonic Air Conditioner’s Air Filter, just lift up the front panel on indoor unit, there is a simple Vent shaped air cleaner, make sure to clean it regularly.
  2. Seal Windows and Doors : Check windows and door, if there is a gap below the door, it will leak the cooling. Similarly gaps in the window will leak the cooling. So, make sure to properly seal your Ac room.
  3. Call A Professional : If your Air Conditioner is still not cooling after performing all above task, Call a professional for Ac maintenance and repair staff. They will do the normal servicing and check for the gas leakage in pipes between indoor and outdoor unit.

How to Save electricity when using Panasonic AC ?

That’s all here, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below, you will get a reply within a day or 2.

31 thoughts on "Panasonic Ac Remote Functions"

  1. Hi
    Respected Sir/ Madam
    How can we use New Panasonic inverter ac remote because there is two small breaker button with remote batteries

    1. Hi, there maybe reset buttons, not breakers.

  2. Pcreddy Reddy says:

    How to set thermostat auto?
    I need the fan to auto off when desired temperature is reached, in cool mode.

  3. Sholey says:

    How to turn off AC using sleep mode

    1. Use Timer to Turn off AC automatically, sleep mode is not meant to turn it off.

  4. Cyril Braganza says:

    I DON’t need too much cooling. So what adjustments do I make while using the Remote. Also at what temperature do I keep the remote, Thanks

    1. 25 degree Celsius is economical and feels normal, keep a little higher like 28 to feel okay with a fan.

  5. Mobasher says:

    My Panasonic 1.5 ton remote is not working from lang distance enven within 8 meters. I have to go very close to the unit then it works. May I know what is problem

    1. Replace Batteries

  6. Prabhu says:

    My AC remote is working i.e. power on/off and mode change but I cannot change the temperature with arrows up/down. Remote is in new mint condition

    1. Make sure you’re using Cool/Heat mode, as you can not set temperature in Auto and some other modes/functions. If problem remains, just reset the remote.

  7. Zainab says:

    Thank you for this. Please what does fan air thrown to floor not above the roof means?

    1. It is about air flow vertical direction, hot air moves towards ceiling and if your air conditioner throws air upward towards ceiling, you will not feel the cooling very soon. Until whole room is cooled down, instead you can feel the cool breeze by adjusting air flow towards you.

  8. Rohit Prajapati says:

    Panasonic inverter AC does not remember the last set temperature and power convertible settings on power out and power on. Can i set a default temperature and setting on my ac. Model no. CU AU18zky

    1. It should remember the last setting, a professional check will be required.

  9. Prannav says:

    My AC in MirAIe App shows “Device is in AI Mode”. How to remove from AI mode?

  10. Naveen says:

    Remote not working…how to reset the remote

    1. Remove batteries, wait until display goes off, then put them back or press the reset button on the remote

  11. Cris says:

    How do you know if the Stockport is on ? Cs s24pkq model

  12. Cris says:

    “Auto comfort not stockport

  13. Maaya says:

    How to off the beep sound in remote while temperature change?

  14. Singh dhanjal says:

    What is the use of button Converti7?
    Is it useful or any kind of energy saver, please let me know about it?

  15. Mandar says:

    How to switch off the temperature indicator light

  16. Kris says:

    Cannot adjust temperature because it was off how to turn on

  17. Steve McCurry says:

    Can’t clear timer , flashing light, will not reset goes back to timer flashing

    1. Have you correctly tried to cancel? press timer On or Timer Off button, then press cancel button.

  18. Steve McCurry says:

    Turned power off, reset ac and remote, still not clearing flashing timer light

  19. Arup Kumar Kundu says:

    My AC is not cooling. It is new AC. I have not used it for last two months. Now I see that only Fan is running and no cooling. Am I wrongly pressing the MODE? How can I remove Fan mode?

    1. Press the mode button to change it to cooling mode, if it still does not work, there may be a refrigeration leak due to unprofessional installation.

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