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Posted on February 4th, 2023

Have you lost your Air Conditioner Remote Controller? Don’t worry. There are several methods to Switch ON Ac without Remote. In this article, you will find How to Turn ON Air Conditioner manually without Remote Controller.

You will need these methods when you forgot where you left the remote or your remote is out of order, damaged or simply remote battery is exhausted. Replacing a remote or it’s batteries seems simple, but when you are in hurry due to extreme weather, knowing other methods can save you from extreme frustration.

Here are other ways to Turn ON Ac without Remote :

  1. Turn ON/OFF with Power button on indoor unit
  2. Use your phone APP to Switch ON/OFF
  3. Use Smart Home control center
  4. Turn ON/OFF using Electric Supply Button
  5. Tip : How not to loose the Remote Ever Again

Let me explain in detail :

Turn ON Ac with indoor unit Power button :

This is the easiest and more reliable method, don’t worry you just need to do it once and later you can use Electric Supply button.

  1. Just pull up front panel on indoor unit
  2. Find a power button on the right side with Power sign or ON/OFF indication.
  3. Press the button to Turn on Air Conditioner.
  4. In some Air Conditioners pressing the button multiple times will toggle between operating modes, i will explain that in brand specific guides.

Note : Power button can be on the left side in some brand models, also some companies place it under air filter. So, it’s your struggle, i will link to brand specific guides at the end of this article.


Once you have turned it ON using this method, you can Turn OFF by cutting off power supply. 


Turn ON Ac with Smartphone App :

There are many Apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store which can work as an alternative to the Remote Controller. You may also find the App from your brand, So, start by searching brand specific App. If brand specific app is not available, try other Apps. One of which is Cielo.

However, you will need IR sensor in your phone which most phones already have now days.

Turn ON Ac with Smart home control :

Smart home devices are very popular now and if you are using any one of them, you can easily link your Air Conditioner with Smart home system. Using Smart Home Control like Google home or  Alexa, you can use your phone as remote controller, or simply use voice commands if supported.

There are huge benefits when using smart air conditioner, here are some of them :


Use Smart Ac for Cooling :

By using smart home controller or Smartphone App, you can automate the tasks as per your routine. That means, your room will be cooled before you reach home.

Use Smart Ac for Heating :

You can easily automate the Air Conditioner as per your daily routine. That means, you room will be heated before you go to sleep, your bathroom will warm up before you are going to take a shower and similarly heated living room before watching TV.

Turn ON Ac with Electric Switch :

You can use power breaker to Turn ON or OFF the Air Conditioner, provided that it is already ON through remote or indoor unit button once. It is better to install a powerful circuit breaker for your Air Conditioner and use it to Turn ON and OFF as common electric buttons may melt due to heavy load and cause a short circuit.

When you Turn OFF using power button, current settings including temperature and operating mode will be saved and the unit will start from there the next time you turn electricity ON.

In meeting rooms, halls, public places and classrooms it happens mostly that they only turn OFF using power cut off button as otherwise everyone will mingle with the Air Conditioner Settings which can become a problem.

Tip ( Never Loose the Remote ) :

Yes it happens often when you need the remote controller but you can’t find it because it’s resting under your pillow or somewhere safe inside a drawer! Furthermore, if children are allowed to play with it, you are in a bad luck finding its whereabouts.

The solution to this problem is wall mounted remote controller!



Do you have any questions? feel free to ask me. your questions will be answered within a day or two.

8 thoughts on "Turn ON Ac Without Remote"

  1. Joseph says:

    While the article provides a general guide to turning on the AC manually, it may not be applicable to all AC brands. Different brands may have different methods for turning on the AC without a remote, and users may need to consult the brand-specific guide for their AC model.

    1. That’s right Mr Joseph, I will be writing them as well

  2. GL RAM says:

    How to start my whirlpool 1.5 to AC model must be 2010, without a remote.
    Kindly guide me. On my first try, Power button after lifting the front panel not visible.

    1. In most air conditioners, its not easily visible, you have to find it. Check behind air filters.

  3. GL RAM says:

    Thank U for response.

  4. Faiz says:

    I wanna use my gree ac in a way when the light is switched off and the AC dont start after the light is switched on instead I have to switch the ac on each time the light is switched on.

    1. i didn’t get what you’re trying to say. If you want to turn Ac on with light button then it can be done easily.

  5. Avin says:

    which mean in fc mode.. i was turn off my aicon w/out remote then fc mode appear

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