Voltas Ac Remote Function

Posted on October 4th, 2022

In this Article i will explain Voltas Ac Remote Function, Setting manual in this detailed guide. Do you own Tata Voltas Air Conditioner and have trouble understanding how to use Voltas Ac Remote? this guide is for you.

Note : There are many variants of Voltas Ac Remote are available in the market, we will stick to common Voltas Ac Remote Function in this guide.

Voltas Ac Remote Functions Symbols Guide

Here is a list of Voltas Ac Remote Function :

  1. Power button
  2. Temperature buttons
  3. Voltas Ac Remote Modes
  4. Voltas Ac Fan Speed Setting
  5. Vertical Swing – Fan Air Direction
  6. Horizontal Swing – Fan Air Direction
  7. Voltas Ac Remote Turbo Function
  8. Voltas Ac Lamp Setting
  9. Voltas Ac Timer ON / OFF
  10. Voltas Ac Sleep Function
  11. Voltas Ac SAVER function
  12. Voltas Ac TEMP/FEELING fucntion
  13. Voltas Ac Flexi Cooling function
  14. Voltas Ac Remote Child Lock
  15. How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote
  16. How to Reset Voltas Ac Remote

Let’s jump into details :

Power Button :

Use power button to turn On or Turn off Voltas Air Conditioner. Power button is represented by Ac Remote Power On Off button Symbol this symbol or l/O or ON/OFF. Voltas Air Conditioner will always start with previous settings.

Temperature Buttons :

Use + and – Temperature buttons to set Temperature on Voltas Air Conditioner.

Voltas Ac Remote Modes :

Voltas Ac Remote Setting for Mode is very important to get performance and desired results with your Voltas Air Conditioner. There are 4 operation modes available in Voltas Ac which are Fan, Cool, Dry and Heat.


Voltas Ac Fan Mode :

In this mode your Voltas Ac will work as a Fan without heating or cooling and compressor will be off.


Voltas Ac Cool Mode :

Use it to cool the room in Summer and set desired temperature using + and – buttons.

Voltas Ac Dry Mode :

Use it during rainy season when humidity is high, in this mode Voltas Ac will remove moisture from the room without cooling or heating. ( rain drop symbol will appear ).


Voltas Ac Super Dry Mode :

Super dry mode removes humidity levels quickly as compared to Dry mode. When you select Dry mode it will initially start with Super Dry mode.


Voltas Ac Heat Mode :

Use heat mode for heating the room during winters ( not available in all models ).


Voltas Ac Fan Speed :

Press Fan button multiple times to change fan Speed between Low, Medium, High, and Auto. The Auto fan works only in Cool mode and in this function Voltas Ac will automatically set fan speed.


Voltas Ac Vertical Swing :

Press V.SWING button to change location of vertical fan angle ( louver ) which will change fan air direction between very bottom ( floor ) to up high ( ceiling ). Press V.SWING button multiple times to get your desired fan angle.


Voltas Ac Horizontal Swing :

Use Horizontal Swing to change horizontal louver location ( fan angle ). Fan air will change direction between right and left. Press H.SWING button multiple times until you get your desired fan location.

This option is not available in all models.

Voltas Ac Turbo Function :

Use Turbo function to get maximum performance and to quickly cool the room ( or quickly heat the room in heat mode ). Press Turbo button to activate this Voltas Ac Remote Function. If you press mode or fan button this function will turn off.

Voltas Ac Lamp :

Use this LAMP button on Voltas Ac remote to turn off or turn on the display light of indoor unit.

Voltas Ac Timer ON / OFF :

This Voltas Ac Remote Function can be used to automatically turn On or Turn Off the Air Conditioner. Use Timer ON to automatically turn ON Voltas Air Conditioner after a set time. Similarly, use Timer OFF to automatically turn OFF Voltas Ac.

Voltas Ac SLEEP Function :

This function is useful for Comfortable Sleep and energy saving. You can Set lower temperature in Cooling mode and activate Sleep function. In Sleep mode, set temperature will increase by 1 degree Celsius in first hour and another 1 degree Celsius in second hour. Total 2 degree temperature will rise.


Voltas Ac Saver Function :

Use this feature of Voltas Air Conditioner to save energy. When this function is active, Temperature will be set at 24 degree Celsius and fan speed will be at medium.

Voltas Ac TEMP/FEELING function :

When you press this button room temperature will display on the indoor unit for 5 seconds.


Voltas Ac Flexi Cooling :

To get optimum cooling with low power consumption for energy saving use Flexi Cooling.


Voltas Ac Remote Child Lock :

To protect the Voltas Ac remote from accidental change of setting from children or elderly there is a smart child lock function. When activated lock icon will blink on remote screen if anyone tries to press any key.

To activate or deactivate, press and hold + and – Temperature buttons together.


How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote :

To unlock Voltas Ac remote press and hold + and – Temperature buttons together. In some remotes there will be Up (⌃) and Down (⌄) buttons. Read More ..


How to Reset Voltas Ac Remote :

To Reset Voltas Ac Remote the easiest method  is to remove the batteries, wait few seconds till remote display turns off and then you can put the batteries back on to use it.

38 thoughts on "Voltas Ac Remote Function"

  1. Please control my remote

    1. Seems like you’re tired trying to understand the settings!

  2. Prakash says:

    Flexi cooling is good or normal cooling??

    1. Its for energy saving, takes more time to cool.

  3. Robin says:

    SET button please explain

  4. Deep bhoir says:

    How to set specific temp in voltas ac and when this temp is achieved ac will automatically under go sleep and when room temp is raise above that specify temp ,again ac will automatically get on and set the room temp to the specific temp

    1. Use the Cool mode and select the temperature, nothing special required. If it does not work, try resetting the remote and if problem remains, that will means a problem in sensors

  5. Ravindranath says:

    my voltas inverter split AC is not dehumidifying properly. It is draining water but Room is very wet after switching off AC. I know, Running in dry mode is a quick solution. But why is it like that in cool mode ? My earlier split AC (not an inverter AC) never left moisture in the room in cool mode. Can you explain where the problem is ?

    1. maybe because Split ac circulates air rather aggressively or there may be increased moisture due to something like nearby construction or water leakage in the building. Whatever the problem maybe, just use a small dehumidifier with it.

  6. Ravindranath says:

    It is 1.5 Ton inverter split AC fitted in a room of 144 sqft.

  7. Amit Bhaskar says:

    Is there a way i can mute the beeps it makes when I increase/decrease the speed?

  8. V k srinivas says:

    I brought two months ago 1.5 ton Voltas AC 5 Star
    After some hours running continuously it will off automatically in night time.
    What can I do?

    1. Probably there is OFF timer is set in your Voltas Ac Remote. Just remove the timer or reset the remote.

  9. Anand Kataria says:

    how to activate control code feature for voltas ac remote ? my remote is not getting detected byt the window ac unit

    1. is that a manufacturer provided remote?

  10. Ishan says:

    I have 1.5 ton 5star inverter window ac. In this after turning on AC and pressing turbo button doesn’t start compressor. It means Turbo button doesn’t serve its purpose. What could be the problem? I had same non inverter AC in that this button works.

    1. if it takes time and works then its just the difference between inverter and non inverter, if it does not work at all, maybe a faulty remote

  11. Vishnusidh says:

    My indoor unit is switching on and off automatically for multiple times, also stops working, what should I do

    1. Check if timer has been set, remove it or reset the remote

  12. Ravindranath says:

    Thank you Tahla Rasheed for the response. I had no problem whatsoever when I was using normal split AC. None of the conditions you mentioned that cause wetness dont exist in my case. Now I understand that inverter ACs bring huge disadvantage alongwith high price. DONY BUY inverter AC is the caution I am going to give to people.

    1. Well, in majority of cases, inverter ac performs better for cooling.

  13. Chandra says:

    I have 1.5 tone split inverter ac recently purchased but it is not cooling have done servicing for like two times gas filling, vaccum and cleaning but still they are not able to trace the fault my AC actually takes time to cool and barely get to the temp of 25

    1. If there isn’t a fault in Ac, Check for insulation, make sure pipes are properly insulated, Room insulation also pays a vital role. If your room is getting direct sunlight, use insulation on the room, curtains on the windows.

  14. Mithun says:

    Hi ..m my AC keeps turning off and on on its own …. Ther is no timer showing on remote …. And I have removed the batteries and again put in the remote and tried but the problem is still ther … If I need to reset the remote how do I do it …

  15. Sonup Patro says:

    I have 1.5 ton voltas inverter Ac recently purchased. AC is cooling but whenever I check the temp button in remote always it is displaying 29 or 30.If I set the temperature in 24 never it reaches.Can it will impact in electricitybill. And what is the problem.

  16. Vikas says:

    My voltas inverter ac remote is not showing cool mode symbol, so I am not sure if my ac is running on cooling mode or not, can you please guide?

  17. Sudip Nandi says:

    Hi,i have 1.6 ton dual inverter ac .
    How can I make it to 1 ton using ADJ button?
    I heard that for dual inverter you can change your ton ?
    After pressing ADJ button it’s showing only AD in indoor unit.

  18. Pratap Mohanty says:

    I recently purchased 1.5 tone split inverter ac 3 star but it is not cooling properly taking long time 1/2 hr to control room temp near 34 to 30. Service man saying it working fine actually they are not able to trace the fault in my AC

    1. Maybe there is no fault in ac, you just need to properly insulate the room

  19. Arjun Singh says:

    I have 2 ton split AC but while using Adj button to change its ton, it only changes between 1ton to 1.5ton but not 2 ton. Please tell why?

  20. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Can we stop automatically cutoff in voltas window AC. I want my AC continuously work or run on 24 temperature without cut.

  21. Shravan M says:

    Hi Rasheed,

    My 1.5 ton AC actumatically set it’s temparature to 24. Even I try to set below that it still comes back to 24. What is the problem might be? Is this related to adj option in AC. If that is so, how convert back to use entire 1.5 ton.

  22. S sri says:

    My ac doesn’t restart automatically after a power outage have to switch it on with remote…hoe can it’s auto restart function be enabled…pls help

  23. Sri says:

    When timer is set, the AC display is not getting off even when we press lamp. It is working only when no timer is set. Is there any way to turn off the display even when the timer is set? I can sleep only in pitch dark room. Due to this , the room is lit mildly and I am having trouble getting sleep. Please let me know.

  24. Shreya says:

    What’s the setting that allows AC to switch on and off in between throughout the night? Because I don’t want my AC to be running at 24° for 8 hours straight

    1. Use ON and OFF Timer, However it can be used once. By the way, set a higher temperature instead of 24°C, your ac will automatically turns off when your desired temperature reaches.

  25. Ved Kumar Madan says:

    I have purchased 1.5 ton 5 star non inverter AC in 2011 working trouble free till now.
    Problem is this remote don’ have set button.
    Do that I am unable to set timer on/ off. Firther, remote alwsys shows clock on screen (Tiime not visible).
    Let’s confirm, how we can adjust timer on or off.

    1. Use the timer button as “set” button

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