How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote

Posted on May 14th, 2023

Have you mistakenly locked your Voltas Ac Remote?  Here is How To Unlock Voltas Ac Remote in case you locked and forgot :

To Unlock Voltas Ac Remote, Press temperature Up ( + ) and down ( – ) buttons together, and repeat to lock again.

Just like any other Ac remote, Voltas ac remote has a smart lock feature to prevent accidental change of settings by children or elderly. While it may seem fine to let the children play with the remote, but on the cost of higher bills or less cooling efficiency.

Furthermore, your Voltas ac remote may get smashed during the play or lost when you really need it. There is a simple wall hanging solution to keep your remote away from children and safely kept without getting lost. Keep reading to see the solution.

when Voltas ac remote lock is activated, it will show a lock icon on the remote screen and when you press any button, you will be unable to change anything.

There are many ways to lock or unlock Voltas ac remote, just select the easiest solution that fits your needs or in this case applies to your specific Voltas ac remote.


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Lets jump into some details :

How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote

How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote ( method 1 ) :

This is the easiest method to lock or unlock Voltas ac remote and it involves the use of temperature keys on your remote controller.


How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote using power outage ( method 2 ) :

Another simple method to unlock voltas ac remote is by resetting the remote settings using power outage, here is how to do it :


How to Unlock Voltas Ac Remote using Reset Button ( Method 3 ) :

This method is only available in some remotes, inspect your remote for a small hole where “Reset” is written and insert a toothpick in it to press the button, this will reset your Voltas ac remote eventually unlocking it. The hole may be underneath the battery cover in some remotes.


How to Lock Voltas Ac Remote :

In order to lock your Voltas ac remote to keep it safe from misuse by children, here is a simple method :

How to protect your Voltas Ac Remote from water DIY :

Do you want to keep your ac remote handy whenever you need it? just like any electric appliances your ac remote can go out of order if it gets wet, so here is how to protect it from water :


How to protect your Voltas ac remote from children :

Children are naughty and can break the ac remote or mess up the settings easily. In order to keep the ac remote away from the reach of children, use WALL MOUNT.  Using wall mount, you can keep your remote in a wall mounted holder.

How to keep Voltas ac remote safe :

When there is a urgent need for cooling or heating but you can not find the ac remote will be a frustrating experience. The reason for this could be a misplaced remote.

Furthermore, it can break if fell down by children or adults and you will have to re-buy it. So, avoid all this using a simple solution.

Solution :


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