Daikin Ac Remote Function

Posted on October 4th, 2022

Have you recently purchased Daikin Air Conditioner and have trouble understanding Daikin Ac Remote Function and Symbols ? In this article i will explain all Daikin Ac Remote Function in detail :

Note : There are many models of Daikin Ac in the market and their remote are different from each other, but i will stick to common Daikin Ac remote function that all variants share. You can match these Daikin Ac remote symbols or names on your Daikin remote as their working is same.

Here is a list of Daikin Ac Remote Function and Symbols, match list number with remote diagram here :

Daikin Ac Remote Symbols
  1. Signal Transmission
  2. Signal Transmission indication
  3. ON/OFF button | Turn ON / OFF Ac
  4. FAN Speed Selection
  5. Daikin Operation Modes
  6. Daikin Ac Energy Saving ECONO Mode
  7. Automatic Air Swing
  8. Daikin Ac Turbo Function : To increase performance
  9. Timer OFF Setting : To turn off automatically
  10. Quiet Function : To Reduce Noise
  11. Clock Time
  12. Timer ON Settings : To turn ON automatically
  13. Daikin Ac Sleep Mode
  14. Temperature Setting
  15. How to Reset Daikin Ac Remote?
  16. How to Lock/Unlock Daikin Ac remote?

Daikin Ac Signal Transmission :

This is the source where the signal will be transmitted to the indoor unit. Point it towards the Daikin Ac indoor unit to use Daikin Air Conditioner.

Daikin Remote Signal Transmission Indication :

When Daikin Ac Remote successfully transmits last setting to the indoor unit then this wifi icon will blink as shown in (2) on the diagram.

Daikin Ac Remote ON/OFF button :

Daikin Ac Remote FAN Speed Selection :

Daikin Ac Remote Operation Modes :

Let me explain Daikin Ac Remote Modes further :

AUTO mode :

Cool Mode :

DRY Mode :

Heat Mode :

FAN Mode :

Daikin Ac Energy Saving Econo Mode :

To activate Eco mode in Daikin Ac press the Econo button. The econo button will reduce power consumption and saves energy by operating at a 70% power.

Daikin Ac Automatic Air Swing :

SWING Mode for CK-E-Model :

daikin swing mode

Daikin Ac Remote Turbo ( Powerful ) Function :

Daikin Ac Timer OFF :

Quiet Function :

Clock Time :

Daikin Ac ON Timer :

Daikin Ac Remote Sleep Mode :

Temperature Setting :

How to Reset Daikin Ac Remote?

To reset Daikin Ac Remote, press and hold Power button for 3 seconds. Read more.

How to Lock/Unlock Daikin Ac Remote?

Read More

How to Mount Daikin Ac Remote on the Wall?

how to mount daikin ac remote

23 thoughts on "Daikin Ac Remote Function"

  1. AH TEE CHANG says:

    What is Swing 1, swing 3 and swing 3 used for in The I hp aircond

    1. These are direction of air swing louver ( up, down etc ) in CK-E-Model. Press SWING button for 4 seconds and then use Temperature up and down buttons to select required swing mode within next 4 seconds. Read more above.

  2. Jackie says:

    Why the timer light keep on flickering

    1. Probably, you have mistakenly pressed Timer button and not completed the setting. Press the timer button again to set the timer or press cancel button to cancel blinking.

  3. Dipa bhatt says:

    My remote is little different I don’t understand display function ac cooling temperature I can’t see only out side unit I can see my remote has two more function coanda tier and display together

    1. Coanda is nothing fancy, it just change airflow direction towards ceiling at 180 degree. If you feel trouble understanding your remote and this article is not helping, then ask your AC supplier for the exact manual of your Ac model.

  4. Ny says:

    The Air con stops cooling in random time when the timer light solidly flash by itself.

    1. Just cancel the timer or reset the remote.

  5. Pankaj says:

    How to cancel cut off in daikin AC. It’s automatically cutoff after 2 mins and not giving proper cololing.

    1. Can you explain what is “cut off”

  6. Henry says:

    I’m not sure if this will show up as a “reply” on someone else’s thread, but I am wondering if it is possible to tell what the current temperature of the room is. Not what we are trying to get it to be, but what it actually is in the moment. A thermometer basically.

    1. Yes, it is displayed on Daikin Online Controller. Some air conditioners have button functions to display indoor temperature, i’m not sure about Daikin. If you find a button shortcut, do let me know

  7. Vinodh says:

    How to.reset the remote ?

  8. Leonardo Ibanez says:

    Can’t reset my control.

    1. How you tried? simply, remove batteries for some time until display goes off, then put them back.

  9. Sari says:

    I usually use the high fan option but hate that it runs all the time in the summer where in winter it will only turn on when needed would using the fan symbol and the square with an A together be better and quieter in the summer

    1. i can’t understand what’s square with A, Do you mean the AUTO mode ? the symbol below Heat ( Sun ) symbol on the remote. If not, use cool mode in summer with auto fan, and heat mode in winter. If you specifically set fan speed, then the fan will continuously work on that speed

  10. Sara says:

    Hi, how do i turn off the light on my daikin aircond? I usually sleep in complete darkness. Even small exposure to light (e.g the blue light on aircond) would affect my sleep. Please help

    1. If your Daikin Remote has a light button, you can use it to turn off the display light. Otherwise, use daikin App, select a unit and there you will find it.

  11. Chemgineer says:

    How to turn on ECO mode in daikin AC ?

    1. If your daikin ac remote has Econo button, press it to turn ON Eco mode.

  12. Mike and Lori Dunlap says:

    It seems that the fan is running all the time in cool mode. Is that normal?

    1. Yes it is, unless it continuously runs on high speed. If Auto fan is selected with Cool mode, fan will run in low speed continuously and when more cooling required, fan speed will increase.

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