How to Reset Daikin Ac Remote

Posted on July 18th, 2023

It’s very inconvenient and frustrating when you mess up ac remote settings, luckily there is a simple reset solution. If you are unable to get the desired settings then here is how to reset Daikin ac remote.

Note : There are many methods to reset a remote, i will list them all, choose the one that you find easy.

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The cause of remote problems :

If you notice a strange behavior of your Daikin air conditioner or unfamiliar symbols on the remote, there may be an accidental change of remote settings. This is frustrating for many people as they are unable to get the desired performance from their air conditioner.

The root cause may be the lack of knowledge about Daikin ac remote settings and all the cool features it has to offer or there is an accidental change of settings. The buttons on the remote may be pressed while it is resting under your pillow or the job is done by the kids.

When there is a need to reset the remote ?

Occasionally someone can mess up the ac remote settings when they don’t understand each and every function of Daikin Ac Remote. Here are some common scenario when you may feel stuck with your Daikin Ac Remote :

If you are unsure what’s causing the problem, just perform a reset. There are two methods to reset the Daikin Ac Remote, select the one that you find easy to understand.

How to Reset Daikin Ac Remote by Power Outage :

So, you are unable to understand what’s wrong with current settings and ready to reset? Remember, your previous settings will be lost after reset. Here is How to Rest Daikin Ac Remote Step by Step :

Step 1 : Remove the batteries from the Daikin Ac Remote Controller

Step 2 : Wait few seconds till Daikin Ac Remote display screen turns off

Step 3 : Put the batteries back into the Daikin Ac remote control

Step 4 : Enter New Settings

Performing a reset will restore factory settings, when you turn on the remote, the air conditioner will start in AUTO mode. Now you can select Cool or Heat mode as you like.

How to Reset Daikin Ac Remote with Reset Button :

This is the default method to reset Daikin Ac Remote but some remotes does not have a reset button, in such a case follow the above method. This method is applicable to remotes with a pin hole reset button.

Here is how to reset Daikin ac remote with a reset button :

Step 1 : Find a Keyhole ( a small empty hole ) in the remote along with buttons. It is sometimes on the back of the remote.

Step 2 : See a Reset Symbol or “Reset” written on it.

Step 3 : Insert a toothpick or similar object in it.

Step 4 : Press once to reset all remote settings to factory default.

I hope one of the above methods will do the job, here are some more articles that you might be interested

Avoid messing up in future :

If your ac remote does not have a dedicated space, and can be found under the pillow, on the side table etc, then you are likely get remote settings messed up. Instead, use a wall mount holder which keeps your remote safe not only from accidental change of settings but also from getting lost.

Solution :

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