How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote

Posted on July 17th, 2023

To prevent accidental change of settings by children or elderly, Daikin Ac Remote has a smart lock feature. If you have mistakenly locked your Daikin ac remote, here is how to unlock Daikin Ac Remote :

How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote

Note : There are several methods to unlock daikin ac remote, choose the easiest that you can remember next time, i will write down all of them.

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Why You Should Lock the Remote :

There are several reasons to keep your remote locked as unintentional change of settings may lead to reduced or unwanted performance and a rise in energy bills. Accidental change of settings can be done by kids, elderly or even adults unless you are always keeping the remote in a wall hanger.


Otherwise, if happens very often especially when i see people annoyed as they don’t understand all the settings available in Daikin ac remote. In case your remote is rolling around on the bed, it is likely that you will mistakenly change the settings. Children should not be playing with the remote as their naughty business may lead to a huge loss to you.

Furthermore, if you let the children play with the remote, there are good chances that it get smashed during the play or lost when you really need it during hot summer days.

How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote

To Unlock Daikin Ac Remote, Press temperature Up ( + ) and down ( – ) buttons together, and repeat to lock again.

How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote ( method 1 ) :

This is the easiest method to lock or unlock Daikin ac remote and it involves the use of temperature keys on your remote controller.

How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote using power outage ( method 2 ) :

Another simple method to unlock Daikin ac remote is by resetting the remote settings using power outage, here is how to do it :


How to Unlock Daikin Ac Remote using Reset Button ( Method 3 ) :

This method is only available in some remotes, inspect your remote for a small hole where “Reset” is written and insert a toothpick in it, to press the button, this will reset your Daikin ac remote eventually unlocking it. The hole may be underneath the battery cover in some remotes.


How to Lock Daikin Ac Remote :

In order to lock your Daikin ac remote to keep it safe from misuse by children, here is a simple method :

How to protect your Daikin Ac Remote from water DIY :

There is a high change that your remote get wet and becomes out of order unless it is wall mounted. So in order to keep it handy you will need to protect it from water just like any other electric appliance. Here is how to protect it from water :


How to protect your Daikin ac remote from children :

If you let the kids play with ac remote there is a high chance that it get smashed during the play or misplaced and lost. So, to keep the remote away from the reach of children, use Wall Mount Holder 

How to protect Daikin ac remote from breaking down or getting lost :

It happens when you come to your home and you need urgent cooling or heating and ac remote is nowhere to be found. Because you kept it somewhere safe in a drawer or its just lying under the pillow.

Furthermore, ac remote may fell down by your hand or by children resulting in a crashed remote which does not work anymore. So, if you want to avoid re-buying your Daikin ac remote again? here is a simple solution

Solution :


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