How to Reset Gree Ac Remote

Posted on July 7th, 2022

Have you mixed up Gree Ac Remote Settings and want to fix the mess ? Here is How to Reset Gree Ac Remote Control Settings ( takes 1 min ) :

To reset Gree Ac Remote Settings, just remove the remote control batteries, remote display will turn off after few seconds. Put the batteries back to enter new settings.

Here is a short video in English and Urdu to demonstrate How to Reset Gree Ac Remote Settings.

There are times when you see strange behavior in your Air Conditioner and strange symbols on the Remote Screen which makes you frustrated as you don’t get your desired performance from your Gree Air Conditioner.

The problem actually arises due to lack of knowledge about Gree Ac Remote Functions and all the Cool features it have. Ultimately those cool features become a headache.

There is a chance of getting the settings mixed up especially when there are Children or Elderly around using the Air Conditioner Remote. It is better to keep the Ac Remote out of reach from Children. The best solution to do so is by doing a wall mount. 

Wall mount is hanging the Air Conditioner Remote with a wall in a stand. It is best fulfilled if you attach a string ( chain or even elastic ) to it. Which keeps it safe from falling on the ground and breaking apart.

When there is a need to Reset the Remote ?

Well anybody can mix up the settings especially when they don’t understand each and every function of Gree Ac Remote. However, i will try to list down some common scenarios where you may feel stuck :

So, these are few tips which can help you troubleshoot your problem. If you still don’t get it, feel free to comment it down.

There are basically 2 ways to reset any Air Conditioner Remote which i will divide into method 1 and method 2 here for simplicity :

Method 1 How to Reset Gree Ac Remote Settings :

Note : Before you do it, be aware that it will erase all your previous settings

Step 1 : Remove the batteries from the Gree Ac Remote Controller

Step 2 : Wait few seconds till Gree Ac Remote display screen turns off

Step 3 : Put the batteries back into the Gree Ac remote control

Step 4 : Enter New Settings

Doing a reset will restore factory settings which may or may not be desired, anyways now you can enter your own settings.

Method 2 How to Reset Gree Ac Remote Settings :

While the above method can be applied to any Air Conditioner Remote, this method is applicable to some remotes only. To be precise, it is applicable to the remotes with a reset button key hole.

Here is How to Reset Gree Ac Remote using the method 2 :

Step 1 : Find a Keyhole ( a small empty hole ) in the remote along with buttons. It is sometimes on the back of the remote.

Step 2 : See a Reset Symbol or “Reset” written on it.

Step 3 : Insert a toothpick or similar object in it.

Step 4 : Press once to reset all remote settings to factory default.

I hope one of these 2 methods will solve your problem. However, you may need help with How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote ? Read on the link.

9 thoughts on "How to Reset Gree Ac Remote"

  1. Caroline Whitfield says:

    Please assist me into. Getting the AC started

    1. Please explain your problem

  2. Vesna says:

    I want to turn off the timer on AC forever, but every time it turns on itself, so I need to unplug it because when I am not at home it starts working.
    Thank you!

    1. Press Timer ON button and confirm “ON” is gone on the remote screen or simply reset

  3. Nouman Hashim says:

    My AC remote is not working it automatic reset and temp is not increase and decrease it fix on 25 temp kindly help me

    1. Press mode button and change it to cooling mode

  4. Mohsin says:

    Meray ac key remote key digit out ho gey hai I mean ultey ho gey hai tem 25hai but 75display per show ho Raha hai Kuch time phaley b asa ho tha.but office walou ney 2buttons ka bataya thA.ju key b bhul geya ho plz help

  5. Saira Alam says:

    Everything is good, but my AC indoor is not showing cooling sign during cooling mode when it is working.
    Display LED shows cooling sign temperature & power icon
    What to do tell me

    1. If the ac is working as expected, that means the indoor LEDs are faulty and nothing to worry. If it’s not cooling as expected, means there is communication problem between remote and the ac. Just change the remote batteries and point closely when changing the settings.

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