How To Unlock Gree AC Remote

Posted on July 7th, 2022

Here is How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote if you somehow locked it :

To avoid accidental change of remote control settings, Gree remote has a smart lock feature. This feature lets you lock the remote to avoid unintentional changes made by elderly and children. If you forgot the unlock or want to lock the remote then keep reading.

Note : There are several methods available to lock or unlock the Gree Ac remote controller, choose the easiest which you can apply and remember next time :

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Let me explain further

If Gree Ac Remote Control is locked, you will see a lock icon on the screen and it will blink 3 times if you press any button on the remote controller. Usually there are instructions available on the back of the remote about the lock.

Children are nasty and they like to mess up the things, while it may seem like harmless to play with remote settings, however it may result in no cooling or extra bills. Most people does not know what to do to prevent accidental changes, but this post will make it simple. To keep the children away from remote Gree Ac remote has a smart lock feature.

How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote  

1.  How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote with Temperature Keys ( Method 1 ) :

The default method to lock or unlock Gree remote control is using temperature up/down ( or + and –  ) keys.

Here is a short video in English and Urdu to demonstrate this.


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2. How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote using Power Outage ( Method 2 ) :

3. How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote using Reset Button ( Method 3 ) :

This method is only available in some remotes

4. How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote using Switch Keyhole ( Method 4 ) : 

This method is not available in all remotes 

How to Lock Gree Ac Remote :

Do you want to lock Gree Ac Remote to avoid accidental changes and prevent children from messing with remote settings? The easiest way that you will never forget is to use Temperature up and Down keys.

How to protect your Gree Ac remote from Water ( DIY ) :


How to Protect your remote from Children Access :

How to protect your remote from breaking down / getting lost :


Solution :


More Functions :

Knowing about the features and functions that are available with your Gree Air Conditioner can help you better use and get more performance. Furthermore, it may save energy by knowing and using Gree Air Conditioner Modes. There are many functions like Gree Ac Sleep mode and SE mode that save energy. 

Do you like to know about all the cool features in Gree ac remote ? Check Gree Ac Remote Functions here.

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