Gree AC Remote Functions

Posted on July 6th, 2022

If you recently purchased your Gree Air Conditioner and struggle to understand Gree remote control functions. Then i’ve explained each and every gree ac remote settings manual here.

Note : Before using gree ac remote you should know that there are many variants ( models ) of gree air conditioner in the market. I will stick to most common remote control functions that are similar to most models.

Note : Download or View Gree Ac PDF Manuals at the end of the article

Gree AC remote control functions

How to control Gree AC remote control

Here is a list of Gree Air Conditioner Remote Controller Functions as can be seen in picture, which are further explained later in the article.

  1. ON / OFF button : Turn on / off the air conditioner.
  2. Mode Button : To Switch between heating / cooling etc.
  3. FAN button: To Adjust the speed of the fan.
  4. TURBO button : To increase the speed of Cooling.
  5. UP / Down ▲▼ buttons : To increase or decrease Temperature.
  6. Horizontal SWING button : Turn on / off the grill.
  7. Vertical SWING button : Turn on / off the grill.
  8. Timer Button : Turn on / off the timer
  9. I Feel Button : Detects Temperate of the remote controller position
  10. Clock Button : To set the clock time
  11. Sleep Button : For Comfortable sleep temperature will rise 0.5 degree per hour
  12. X-Fan Button : Keeps the Fan on for few minutes after turning off AC
  13. Toggle Healthy / Scavenging Functions
  14. Light Button : Turn on / off indoor unit temperature display light
  15. Temp Button : Toggle Temperature Displays to check indoor / outdoor temp.
  16. Energy Saving Function
  17. GREE AC Child Lock
  18. WIFI Function
  19. How to Unlock Gree Ac Remote
  20. How to Reset Gree Ac Remote 
  21. Other FAQs
  22. Gree PDF Manual Download

Now let’s jump into details :

Power ON / OFF Button :

Before using Gree Ac remote first insert the batteries into the remote and make Sure GREE AC and Remote power is on before performing any action. Turn on your Gree air conditioner using the power button.

Tip : Store remote controller in dry cool place, avoid direct sunlight and avoid dropping on the floor.

GREE AC Modes :

There are 5 operation modes in Gree Ac :

Tip : When batteries need replacement, replace both 2 at once to boost battery life.

Read more about Gree Ac Modes

GREE AC FAN : How to Change Fan Speed :

Pressing FAN button can set fan speed as indicated in the picture. Auto turns on the fan when AC will start the cooling.

Under AUTO speed, air conditioner will select proper fan speed automatically according to ex-factory setting. It’s Low fan speed under Dry mode.


Under COOL or HEAT mode, press Turbo button to turn to quick COOL or quick HEAT mode. FAN and Cooling speed will increase when Turbo is turned on.

During Hot summer days, Turbo is very useful when you enter the room, Turn on the AC and want fast cooling.

Temperature UP / DOWN :

With Up button temperature will increase and down button will lower the temperature. Press for 2s to quickly change temperature. When setting TIMER ON, TIMER OFF or CLOCK, press “▲” or “▲” button to adjust time.

GREE AC Remote Horizontal Airflow :

Press swing button to select left & right swing angle. Fan blow angle can be selected circularly as below:

Press this button continuously more than 2s, the main unit will swing back and forth from left to right, and then loosen the button, the unit will stop swinging and present position of guide louver will be kept immediately

This function is available in some models only. In other models, you can adjust the louver by hand.

GREE AC Remote Vertical SWING :

Press vertical swing button to select up & down fan swing angle. Fan blow angle can be selected circularly as below :

GREE AC Timer :

First set correct clock time then set the timer in Gree ac remote controller. Timer can be used to automatically turn on or turn off the Gree ac and after specified time and save electricity.

  1. “T-ON” button can set the time for timer on. After pressing this button, ” Clock” icon disappears and the word “ON” on remote controller blinks.
  2. Press the ▲ or ▼ button will increase / decrease the timer for 1 min each time.
  3. Press the ▲ or ▼ button for 2 s to quickly change time.
  4. Press the “T-ON” or “T-OFF” button respectively to confirm.
  5. Press the “T-ON” or “T-OFF” button twice within 5 seconds to cancel the timer.
  6. “T-OFF” button can set the time for timer off. After pressing this button,”Clock ” icon disappears and the word “OFF” on remote controller blinks


GREE AC Remote controller has built in temperature sensor. When using I FEEL button the Air Conditioner uses remote controller’s sensor to cool / heat.

Press I FEEL button to start I FEEL function. The “icon” will be displayed on the remote controller. After this function is set, the remote controller will send the detected ambient temperature to the controller and the unit will automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the detected temperature.

Press this button again to close I FEEL function and “icon” will disappear.

GREE AC Clock :

GREE AC Sleep Function :

Sleep function helps to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night by increasing temperature gradually so you will not feel cold.

Under COOL, or HEAT mode, press this button to start up sleep function.”Crescent” icon is displayed on remote controller.

Press this button again to cancel sleep function and “Crescent” icon will disappear.After powered on, Sleep Off is defaulted. After the unit is turned off, the Sleep function is canceled.

In this mode, the time of timer can be adjusted. Under Fan、DRY and Auto modes,this function is not available.


Pressing this button in COOL or DRY mode, the icon “FAN” icon is displayed and the indoor fan will continue operation for a few minutes in order to dry the indoor unit even though you have turned off the unit. X-FAN is not available in AUTO, FAN or HEAT mode.

Having set X-FAN function on: After turning off the unit by pressing ON/OFF button indoor fan will continue running for about a few minutes. at low speed.In this period, press X-F AN button to stop indoor fan directly.

Having set X-FAN function off: After turning off the unit by pressing ON/OFF button, the complete unit will be off directly.

GREE AC Health / Scavenging :

When using Health function, Gree Ac will try to remove dust and germs from the room. A tree icon will display on the Gree Ac remote controller.

When using Scavenging function, Gree Ac will bring fresh air from outside and remove old air from inside. A home icon with in-out arrows will display on the remote screen. Scavenging is very useful to remove odors from the room quickly. 

How to Activate Health / Scavenging  ?

Press   health scavenging button to toggle between health and scavenging functions. Press this button to start scavenging function and “Home” icon will be displayed.

Press the button for the second time to start healthy and scavenging functions both. Remote screen will displays “Home” and “Tree” icons.

Press this button for the third time to quit healthy and scavenging functions both.

Press the button for the fourth time to start healthy function, remote will display “Tree” icon.

Press this button again to repeat the operation above

Note : This function is applicable to some models.

GREE AC Light :

Press this button to turn off display light on indoor unit. “Bulb” icon on remote controller disappears.

Press this button again to turn on display light “Bulb” icon is displayed.

GREE AC Temp :

By pressing this button, you can see indoor set temperature, indoor ambient temperature or outdoor ambient temperature on indoor unit’s display. The setting on remote controller is selected circularly as below:

GREE AC Energy Saving Function :

Under cooling mode, press “TEMP” and ” CLOCK” buttons together to start up or turn off energy-saving function. When energy-saving function is started up, “SE” will be shown on remote controller, and air conditioner will adjust the set temperature automatically according to ex-factory setting to reach to the best energy-saving effect. Press “TEMP” and “CLOCK” buttons simultaneously again to exit energy-saving function.
● Under energy-saving function, fan speed is defaulted at auto speed and it can’t be adjusted.
● Under energy-saving function, set temperature can’t be adjusted. Press “TURBO” button and the remote controller won’t send signal.
● Sleep function and energy-saving function can’t operate at the same time. If energy-saving function has been set under cooling mode, sleep button will cancel energy-saving function. If sleep function has been set under cooling mode, start up the energy-saving function will cancel sleep function.

GREE AC Child Lock :

Press “▲” and “▼” simultaneously to turn on or turn off child lock function. When child lock function is on, “Lock” icon is displayed on remote controller. If you operate the remote controller, the “Lock” icon will blink three times without sending signal to the unit.

GREE AC WIFI Function :

Press “MODE” and “TURBO” button simultaneously to turn on or turn off WIFI function. When WIFI function is turned on, the ” WiFi” icon will be displayed on remote controller; Long press “MODE” and “TURBO” buttons simultaneously for 10s,

Remote controller will send WIFI reset code and then the WIFI function will be turned on. WIFI function is defaulted ON after energization of the remote controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Here are answers to your common questions

How to Save electricity when using GREE AC ?

How to Check current indoor temperature

To check indoor ambient temperature using Gree ac remote, press TEMP button, keep an eye on indoor unit display as indoor temperature will display for 3 seconds and then it will display the set temperature.

How to use Gree AC when remote is lost ?

You can turn on / off the AC by lifting indoor unit panel and pressing button on lower right hand side. If you turn on, it will operate in Auto mode and temperature can not be adjusted.

How to Unlock Gree ac remote ?

To Unlock, Press and hold the temperature UP / Down ( “▲” or “▼” ) Keys at the same time for 2 seconds. Press the UP / Down Keys again to Lock the gree ac remote control. Read more here.

How to Reset Gree AC remote ?

To reset gree ac remote, remove batteries, wait few seconds till display goes off, then put batteries back. Read more here 

How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in GREE ?

Power OFF the unit, then press MODE and Down arrow ▼ key.

How to Use Gree Ac Remote Setting for Max Cooling ?

If your Gree Air Conditioner is not Cooling there are several things to consider. May be it’s just that you changed it’s mode.

Ideal Remote Settings for Gree Ac Cooling :

  1. Make Sure Cool mode is on, when it is on, a Tree icon will be displayed on the remote control and you will be able to set the temperature.
  2. For Quick Fast Cooling when you enter the room and turn on the Ac and want cool air immediately in a hot weather, Just Press Turbo Button on your Gree remote control. In turbo mode, fan speed will be maxium.
  3. If you are not using Turbo, then use the maximum fan speed, so that the air in the room should circulate fast.
  4. In my experience Grill Direction is very important, make sure vertical swing is down and fan speed can be felt on the floor instead of roof.

Things To Check if Gree Ac is not Cooling :

If all above settings are fine, but your Gree Ac is not cooling properly. Then Check these things :

  1. Clean Air Filter : Check your Gree Air Conditioner’s Air Filter, just lift up the panel on indoor unit, there is a simple Vent shaped air cleaner, make sure to clean it regularly.
  2. Seal Windows and Doors : Check windows and door, if there is a gap below the door, it will leak the cooling. Similarly gaps in the window will leak the cooling. So, make sure to properly seal your Ac room.
  3. Call A Professional : If your Air Conditioner is still not cooling after performing all above task, Call a professional for Ac maintenance and repair staff. They will do the normal servicing and check for the gas leakage in pipes between indoor and outdoor unit.

Gree Ac Manual(s) PDF :

Model Name View Manual Download
Gree Sapphire Owner’s Manual View
Gree DC inverter Floor Ceiling U-match Manual View
Gree Ac Livo Wall Ductless Manual View
Gree Ac Console Type Manual View
Gree DC inverter Ac GMV VRF Commercial Manual View
Gree Sapphire Service Manual 9 & 12 MBH View
Gree Sapphire Service Manual 18 & 24 MBH View

105 thoughts on "Gree AC Remote Functions"

  1. hussein bazzi says:

    hi i bought ac gree inverter 9000
    it consuming to much electricity .
    they told it will take 3.5-4 amp on startup then it will go down to 1.5 amp . but this is not happening in my case . is there anything i can do

    1. All inverters take very less energy on startup, and increase consumption gradually as the compressor speeds up. To save bills, use SE mode or set a high temperature while cooling.

  2. Abdullah says:

    Sir my Ac (gree inverter)is working hardly 15 to 20 minutes and trip out.
    Please let me find a problem.

    1. There could be many possible reasons including unstable electric voltage, loose wire or socket.

  3. Dhaker says:

    Please answer me. My remote shows OPER what does that mean ? Is it normal ?
    Also my air conditioner makes noise for some time but then it stops suddenly and it returs back but always doing its fuction. It is normal ?
    Last question, how can I make the degree set on my remote visible on my air conditioner because I did something wrong and now I can not see it

    1. I have never seen OPER, does your ac is very old? Noise is not normal, you should get a professional checkup. About last question, press the “LIGHT” button on your remote if nothing shows on indoor unit. If something else is showing, then it depends.

  4. Anthony Zammit says:

    Hi, temp light on indoor unit keeps turning off…how can I leave it on? Because everytime I switch it on after few minutes it turns off!

    1. if its turning off automatically without pressing the “LIGHT” button on remote, that means the light or its wiring is faulty

  5. Mo says:

    What is wifi function and thanks for the great article

    1. The WIFI function will let you control the gree air conditioner from anywhere in the world using internet. Just use a gree smartphone application and add your ac unit.

  6. CM says:

    What does the little house with the thermometer mean. Sometimes it displays thermometer inside the house icon sometimes out sometimes not at all. Also my timer never stays set. Advise?

    1. That’s the ambient temperature and it’s there so you can check, it does not affect any settings. The article includes full details about this. Regarding timer, use gree mobile app

  7. Turki says:

    My gree ac is cooling perfectly at day time around 5 pm but at night time or around 4 am the cooling is weaker how do i fix?

    1. Set relatively lower temp at night, if you set 25 in day time, set 23 in night. The reason is difference in outside temperature affects how you feel inside.


    just had two ductless units installed. The smaller unit the backlight works but the larger unit the backlight does not. Is there something missing or disabled the light?

    1. There is a light button on most gree ac remotes, press it to turn on or off the light.


    my bedroom unit when using remote to turn on/off also turns on/off my Roku tv. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to this problem. However, you can buy a wifi remote for your ac or use mobile app instead.

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