Types of Air Conditioners

Posted on February 8th, 2023

Find the best option to stay cool during the hot summer days with latest Types of Air Conditioners available in the market today. In this article, learn the Pros and Cons of each and how to choose the best air conditioner type for your need.

Our ancestors used to live simple and natural life in mud structures where all the air conditioning happened naturally. The weather was not that harsh as the nature was there to take care of it.

However, with the advancement of technology there is a rise of Global warming and Concrete Forests! Now temperatures are breaking high record every year. Air Conditioners are responsible for 3.94% of global green house gas emissions, thus the solution making the problem worse.

I will discuss these types of air conditioners in detail :

Let me explain in detail :

In concrete city buildings, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to bear the heat or cold during extreme weather. So, there is always a need for an air conditioning to keep a healthy routine. Otherwise, you will end up dehydrated to the extreme, can not sleep, or catch cold in winter.

Ductless Split Air Conditioner :

The most popular Air Conditioning system in our list is a ductless mini split air conditioner. This system consists of an indoor unit that blows the air in the room, the outdoor unit condenser which has a compressor, and these two are connected with a conduit that carries the refrigerant pipes, electrical cables, and a drain pipe that empties accumulated moisture outdoors.

On average a mini-split installation costs between $2,000 and $14,500

Ductless Split air conditioner is useful if your home does not have ducts installed or there is an addition of a new room where ducts are not available. Furthermore, if there are remote areas of the house which are rarely used then it is better to use ductless split system.




Central Air Conditioner :

One of the most common type of air conditioner is the central air conditioner. This system cools the entire home by forcing cool air through the ducts and pushes out hot air through the vents.

On  average this system costs about $4,000 to $8,000 for the purchase and installation.

Central Air Conditioners are controlled with a thermostat which can be programmable. It’s smart capabilities allow the user to adjust the temperature, set cooling cycles, set schedules or simply turn it on or off.




Window Air Conditioner :

If you need a low cost option for your air conditioning needs, then window ac is a perfect solution. As the name suggests, window Ac sits inside the window with the front blowers indoors and the back outdoors. So, the window ac releases heat and condensation outside the window and brings in cool air in the room.

The purchase and installation cost of window ac is around $100 to $1,100 

Window air conditioners are available in many sizes and if they have smart capabilities, they can be used with wireless remote controllers or wireless devices. If there is no central air conditioning system or they room is rarely used, window ac is a great option. However, it should be installed carefully as it may fall outdoor and someone walking beneath could get injured.






Portable Air Conditioner :

If you are living in a rental apartment or  travel a lot, then portable air conditioner is a best option. Window ac can also be used but most tenants are required to install it professionally which may increase the cost. Aside from that, portable air conditioner provides greater mobility.

These air conditioners cost around $200 to $800

Portable air conditioners are a great alternate to window air conditioners as they require no installation and pose no threats. They are cheaper than most other solutions, however they do take up floor space.

The use of portable air conditioner is simple, just place it near the window where electrical socket is available. Put the exhaust pipe outside the window so it can throw the hot air outside while cooling down inside.





Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner :

This type of air conditioner is similar to mini split air conditioner except the use of ducts. The indoor and outdoor units are directly connected instead of using electrical and refrigerant pipes. They are also good for isolated parts of the home and cooling small rooms.

The installation and purchase cost is around $850 and $3,000.

They are also known as floor-mounted air conditioners, they are installed at the bottom of the wall on the floor. However, they are not very popular as the wall needs to be cut down to make a hole as big as the size of air conditioner.






Geothermal Air Conditioner :

This is the most environmental friendly solution to cool or heat the concrete building. In a Geothermal air conditioning an electric powered  pump cycles fluid, usually water or refrigerant, through long loops of underground pipes.

The initial installation cost of this system is very high, but running cost are very low.

In summers, ground temperature is cool, so the pump pushes down the hot water in and bring up the cool water from underground. Using this cool water or fluid, the compressor does the cooling. During winters the process is reverse, when the ground temperature is higher.






Swamp Cooler :

This method is in use for thousands of years and it works by using water moisture for cooling instead of refrigerant. This is much cheaper to use and buy, however, it can only be used when humidity levels are low as it raise humidity in the house.





How to Choose Air Conditioner :

A high initial investment may be a cheaper one for a longer period


What alternate solutions you have?

Solutions for existing houses :

Solutions when building :


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