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Posted on August 2nd, 2022

If you want to know what your gree ac is capable of then in this post i will explain gree ac modes that you can use to operate your gree air conditioner.

There are the 5 basic Gree Ac modes that are Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat. These operation modes change all settings with just one button.


Here is a list of all the modes available in gree ac which are explained in detail later in this article, click the relevant mode to jump into it’s details :

  1. Auto Mode
  2. Cool Mode
  3. Dry Mode
  4. Fan Mode
  5. Heat Mode
  6. Turbo Mode
  7. I Feel Mode
  8. Health Mode
  9. Scavenging Mode
  10. SE mode

Let’s jump into details :

1. Auto Mode :

Auto mode in gree ac works automatically as the name suggests, the gree ac will detect the room temperature to decide about heating or cooling and you will not be able to change the temperature setting. However, you can use other options like fan speed or its rotation angle.

To set this mode press the “mode” button on gree ac remote control until you see a circular icon in which arrows form a circle. GREE AC Modes

2. Cool Mode :

Cooling mode is for cooling the room and you can adjust the temperature to set as per your requirements. Whether you want it super chill or just adequate cooling to stay healthy and save on the bills.  Furthermore, change fan speed and swing angle to your liking easily.

To set Cool mode press the “mode” button on gree ac remote control until you see an ice icon.


3. Dry Mode :

During rainy season overall temperature is low but there is high humidity which feels like heat. In dry mode gree ac will operate at low fan speed to remove moisture in the room using very low electricity and it works as a dehumidifier.

To set Dry mode press the “mode” button on gree ac remote control until you see an 3 drops icon.



4. Fan Mode :

If you want to use the gree ac as a fan only. No cooling or heating required? Use Fan mode. To set the fan mode press the “mode” button on gree ac remote control until you see an Fan icon.



5. Heat Mode :

This mode is used for heating the room during winters and Heating mode is only available in Gree 2-way air conditioners and you can not use cooling only unit for heating.

To set heating mode press the “mode” button on gree ac remote control until you see a “Sun” icon.



6. Turbo Mode :

You can use the turbo function to quickly heat or cool the room. This feature is very useful for when there is extreme temperatures. Gree ac will use all its power to cool or heat the room as fast as possible. To set gree ac on turbo mode, just press the turbo button on the remote controller.

7. I Feel Mode :

If your room is bigger than a usual room then it is possible that temperature will be different near the indoor unit and other parts of the room are hot. To solve this problem there is a smart feature called i feel function. In this function gree ac will use the built in sensor in the remote to understand the temperature of the room and will cool accordingly.

To use this feature, just press the i feel button on the remote and place the remote where the room feels hot.

8. Health Mode :

Health mode brings in fresh air from outside the room and kills the bacteria but it is not available in all variants. To set gree ac to health mode press health/scavenging button usually represented by a home icon for health mode and a pine tree icon for scavenging.

9. Scavenging Mode :

Scavenging function is used to remove odors in the room quickly. If there is a bad smell in your ac room use your ac on the scavenging mode for some time. To set gree ac on scavenging mode, press scavenging button represented by a pine tree on the remote and check the pine icon displayed in the remote screen.

10. SE mode :

SE is the energy saving mode in gree ac which works with cool mode. To activate this SE mode press “TEMP” and ” CLOCK” buttons simultaneously. Fan speed can not be adjusted in SE mode and SE mode does not work with sleep function, if you press sleep button the SE mode will be cancelled. Furthermore, you can not adjust the temperature in SE mode.

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27 thoughts on "Gree Ac Modes"

  1. Farhan says:

    What if we press tem and clock botton together while using heat mode?

    1. It’s energy saving mode, works in Cool and Heat mode alike.

  2. David Hunter says:

    how do I obtain fault codes from a cassette unit using the YT1F remote (no wired remote)

    1. Hi David, Read the manual of your respective Cassette Unit brand to find troubleshooting procedure. YT1F remote can display error code if there is an option to Test/Troubleshoot in your remote.

  3. Jason Shakes says:

    What does the swing functions actually do?

    1. It is used to set or changes airflow direction

  4. Talha says:

    What is the energy consumption in SE mode

    1. SE mode just changes your temperature settings by keeping it higher in Cooling mode and Keeping it down in Heating mode.

  5. Pam says:

    When I press the mode and fan button simultaneously for auto clean, cl flash on the remote and then does nothing. Nothing happens. /e unit does not clean. Any help here?
    Gree livv12hp230viah

  6. Ali says:

    would it still be economic if i use 2 other functions(health and scavenging) alongside the power saving function in cool mode?

    1. Most models does not have these functions, and yes it won’t make much difference.

  7. Salma says:

    Why my AC do automatically turn on

    1. It maybe due to timer is set, turn off the timer or Reset the remote.

  8. Mike says:

    What does 8 degree C heating button do on remote and phone app? What is it for?

    1. It is energy saving SE function

  9. Zarin says:

    How do I turn off auto mode?

    1. press mode button to change to any other mode

  10. Nima says:

    Hi. Does using the Health mode help to keep the indoor air clean and healthy in polluted outdoor conditions?

    1. If you mean cleaning smoke then no it does not. It just removes bacteria and fungus etc. You can use indoor plants like snake plant to do so

  11. Dimitar says:

    I have troubles controling the temperature on my A/C. It’s either too hot or too cold. If I set it to 27C and in cooling mode I am freezing.

    Also there is a a low humming sound when the A/C is idling. Any ideas?

    1. There could be many reasons for it, including faulty or loose parts due to wear and tear. Get a professional inspection.

  12. Israr Ahmed says:

    What is pre set temperature for SE mode? Or whatever temperature is previously visible on screen, same is attained during SE mode?

  13. Ujaay says:

    Does SE mode better to save in electricity bills or just keep my Gree 1.5 ton at 27 degrees?

  14. Fahmid Hossain says:

    Dear Brother,Assalamualaikum. I’ve a question.What is more useful using ac on SE mode or using ac on 28c cool mode?Thanks in Advance!🥰

  15. Eye shaw says:

    Kindly tell about SE function. What temperature will be maintained by unit in this mode??

    1. W.Salam, In Heating Mode it is 8°C. In Cooling mode, it is above 28°C but however, Gree does not specify a specific number.

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